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9 Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future

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    Simulation games

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    Looking at you, Farming Simulator. The Simpsons caught on to these as early as 1998.

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    Horse meat in beef

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    What if there was horse meat in our beef the whole time!? The Simpsons showed it six years before the IRL event.
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    Star Wars VII and Alvin and the Chipmunks 3

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    As if nailing the fact that VII was a giant apology wasn't enough, The Simpsons also knew what movie would open alongside it in this episode from 2009.
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    "Ice to see you"

    McBain, the Simpsons' Schwarzenegger/Willis parody, used the same bad ice puns that Schwarzenegger does in the 1997 Batman and Robin, only McBain did it 4 years earlier.
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    Siegfried and Roy tiger mauling

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    In 2003, Roy of Siegfried and Roy was famously attacked on stage by his white tiger, Mantecore. The Simpsons predicted this ten years before it happened.
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    Mutant tomatoes

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    A 1999 Simpsons episode featured tomatoes that were mutated by radiation. This actually happened in 2011 after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    (Daily Mail)
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    "Malfunctioning" voting booths

    2008's Halloween special episode of the Simpsons predicted 2012's voting scandal in which electronic voting machines switched votes:

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    President Trump

    Hopefully this one doesn't come true. "Bart to the Future" predicts that Donald Trump would become president (right before Lisa Simpson).
  • 9

    Rocket League

    Maybe this game wasn't such an original idea after all.


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