14 Creepy Stories To Leave You Feeling Just A Little Bit Unsettled

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    Text - FiberWong 11mo I was at home by myself one night, hanging out with my chameleon. He hangs out on his tree in front of the window while I'm awake and at night when the lights are on inside, you can see your reflection on the window. I was facing the window, watching my chameleon, and he was watching me when I saw a dark figure in the reflection of the window move across the room. I know my chameleon saw it too because he flinched and both of his eyes were locked on whatever was behind me.
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    Text - _cymru 11mo This happened last week! I was sleeping in bed and suddenly woke up like something had made me jump. I saw the outline of a person (too dark to see anything else) standing next to my bed and assumed it was my boyfriend. I laughed and said "oh my god you scared me, " and he got into my bed. I reached out my arms to hug him, and I felt nothing.
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    Text - aarontbarratt 11mo I was looking after my mother's house for a week while she was on holiday. She had two cats that come in and out the house via a cat flap, very nice animals. Always cuddly and playful even when they were old. So I get woken up in the middle of the night by loud meows from downstairs. I thought maybe the cat flap was stuck and they wanted to get out. I go downstairs to check and open the hallway door and there are at least 15 black cats sitting in the hallway staring bac
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    Text - mini6ulrich66 11mo So it's not really "creepy" but it was weird. I moved into my place a couple years ago. 2 weeks into it, there's a little flower necklace in my mailbox one day. Alright, whatever. I throw it out and keep on truckin. Next day I came home and there's a pair of sunglasses (that looked female to me? but could probably work for either party?) and a note that basically says "hey I think you'd look good in these. You should wear them next time we're together, blah blah" . So c
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    Text - [deleted] 11mo In late 2015 I was laid off from my job zoo, and was staying with my grandparents for a couple months. My grandparents have two little dogs, and because grandpa worked nights and grandma was away in Texas for a month, they were really glad to have someone around to feed and walk the dogs during the day. One night when Im home alone I'm relaxing in the tub when, through the skylight in the bathroom, I can hear whispered/hushed voices that can only be coming from the back por
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    Text - kattikat15.11mo Over this past summer, I was living alone in my apartment in a (relatively safe) college town. I was always paranoid and locked the door anytime I got home from somewhere, especially since I'm a female living somewhere alone. One morning I woke up to go to the bathroom, and as I'm in there, I hear the front door creak open. Obviously scared, I carefully leave the bathroom and look around the corner to see the front door open about 6 inches. I slowly check the apartment for
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    Text - MrFantastic18 11mo I was home with my sister, and I happened to look out the window and saw a woman skipping down the road singing. Ok, kinda weird but she's enjoying herself. Then, she slows down, stops, kneels down in the road, and sits dead still for like an hour. I told my sister not to go outside while she was there. I kept checking on her every once in a while. After a while, she stood up and started skipping and singing again like nothing happened.
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    Text - PartyOn_Wayne 11mo I was fast asleep in my fourth floor (balcony-less) apartment when I awoke to VOICES directly out- side my window. After a minute and a half inner monologue battle of "Am I crazy? I'm not crazy. Am I crazy?!?!?!" I finally decide that yes, I DO in fact need to pull up the curtains to make sure that two Spanish-speaking men are NOT levitating directly outside of my fourth floor window. So, fully naked (hey, that's how I sleep) I tug on the base of the blind to snap it op
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    Text - Bassex_PT_ 11mo When I was 6 years old or so I used to share my room with my brother and one morning I woke up and he wasnt in his bed. It was barely dawn so the room was dark and I was obviously scared. I went to check in my parents room to see if he climbed into bed with them and they werent there. Nobody was home so I went outside because i couldnt stand being alone in the house by myself It was soo foggy i could barely see my driveway. There was no car and It was just so silent that i
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    Text - jpterodactyl 11mo I used to rent a room in a basement apartment. My friend's family lived in the real house upstairs, which is how I ended up there. They have a lot of family parties(They're first generation Filipino, family parties are a frequent thing) One day I was dong some homework in my room, the other two tenants weren't home, so I had "apartment B" to myself. But they were being so loud upstairs, I was having trouble focusing. So much chatter and feet moving around. Sounded like d
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    Text - shatterly 11mo I spent six months living alone in a cabin near the end of a dirt road in central New Hampshire. Nearest neighbors were a quarter mile or so up or down the road. It's an area where people definitely keep to themselves. Had all sorts of animal visitors - bears on the porch, you name it -- but never random people around. One morning, I went out to my car to go to work. It was spring, and we'd had a late frost. On the rear window of my truck, someone had written, "I WATCH YOU"
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    Text - forbiddenway 11mo Was staying alone in my brothers apartment while he was at sea. I was across the country away from everyone I know. Late at night I hear a cell phone ringing from somewhere inside the apartment. An old, creepy-ass Nokia cell phone ring, like in a horror movie. I searched high and low and could not find anything, OR pinpoint where the hell it was coming from, but it was close. I should mention the apartment was almost bare so there wasn't many places to hide something. Ev
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    Text - tricky_achoo 11mo I was slapped hardwhile I was asleep. Woke up with my cheek hurting and ears ringing. I lived alone at that time. Another less creepy (after the fact) story I remember was when I was crashing at my uncle's for a couple months in summer. While he was at work, and sometimes at night, I would hear a woman yelling, "Hey, you there?". At first I was very freaked out, but a couple times during day time, I'd look for the source and try and talk to her. And she never replied. I
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    Text - kmald 11mo This just happened to me about 2 days ago, I came home to my kitchen and living room windows both open... a little suspicious considering its winter and my main goal is keeping heat in, called the guy I'm talking to asked if he opened them, confirmed... while still on the phone with him i walked into my bedroom and saw both my space heaters in the middle of the room blasting heat with a towel in between both of them.. knowing i left the house with them both off and not in the l


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