If You Thought Your Date Went Badly, Read These #WorstFirstDate Tweets

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    Text - Ed Hill @kingedhill Jan 6 My date was complaining about me on Facebook while at the table. I found out because she accidentally tagged me in the post. #WorstFirstDate
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    You Don't Want to Hear Either of Those on a First Date

    Text - Haley Minter @haleyminterr Jan 6 We were driving to dinner and he made me laugh so hard I said "I love you" and then followed it up with "like, as a brother" #WorstFirstDate
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    Not the Best Time to Say, "I'll Have What She's Having"

    Text - Jessie @JessieB365 Jan 6 My date took me to a nice restaurant. Our server leaned in to me and said, "You're the third one this week" #WorstFirstDate
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    That Doesn't Sound Cool to You?

    Text - Erin Narloch @NarMuseLoch 1h Date spent an uncomfortable amount of time discussing his plan to raise shrimp in his basement. #WorstFirstDate
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    At Least She Came Prepared

    Text - Darin King @futilitypatent Jan 6 She brought a plastic baggy to puke in because she gets nervous on first dates... and she used it #WorstFirstDate @jimmyfallon
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    Family Reunions Are Not the Best Place to Pick Up Ladies

    Text - Kenneth Wilson @writtenbyken Jan 6 #WorstFirstDate @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight Sitting on the floor. Kissing. Talking about life and family. Turns out. We are cousins
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    She Obviously Did Not

    Text - Diane K @Diane Kerstein Jan 6 At the end of the date, he asked me dead seriously if I had tickets.. to the gun show. #WorstFirstDate
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    So You're Off to a Rocky Start...

    Text - Ring By Spring @ringbyspringlu Jan 6 In the middle of the date she called her ex and decided to get back together with him. #WorstFirstDate
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    How Else Would He Get a Second Date?

    Text - Goner @becca61063 Jan 6 #WorstFirstDate another girl walked past the table and he stopped her and asked for her number.
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    That's Cold!

    Text - LEXTM@AlexaDichio Jan 6 #WorstFirstDate "if you thought these buffalo wings were for the both of us...think again."
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    She is Now

    Text - alison @alisonewynn Jan 6 @jimmyfallon date: so are you one of those crazy girls who looks up the criminal record of your date? me: no date: good #WorstFirstDate
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