12 Times People Wore Red To Target And Regretted It Immediately

  • 1
    Tweet about being asked to help at Target after wearing red hoodie
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  • 2
    Tweet about wearing red in Target during Black Friday with picture of smiling man in red
  • 3
    Tweet about wearing red to Target and becoming assistant manager with picture of man smiling proudly
  • 4
    Tweet about lady asking to speak to manager after man wearing red in Target didn't know where baby food was
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  • 5
    Tweet warning from wearing red to Target with picture of man looking at camera apprehensively
  • 6
    Tweet about getting yelled for not knowing where hair conditioners are when wearing red to Target
  • 7
    Tweet about woman wearing red being mistaken for Target worker despite wearing sunglasses
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  • 8
    Tweet about realizing you wore an unfortunate color combo of red shirt and tan pants to Target
  • 9
    Tweet with PSA warning from wearing red to Target on Black Friday
  • 10
    Tweet saying they'll never shop at Target while wearing a red shirt again
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  • 11
    Tweet about wearing Devin Hayes merch to Target and being asked if you work there
  • 12
    Tweet about person wearing red to Target deciding helping customers is quicker than explaining they don't work there


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