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Dad Joke Han Solo Is the Reason Kylo Ren Joined the Dark Side

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    Just Like Any Other Dad, He Can't Remember How Old You Are

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 11h What kind of car does a Jedi drive? A Toy-YODA! Ben are you old enough to drive I don't remember
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    And He Always Brings Up Things You Act Like You Don't Care About But You REALLY Care About

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 12m Did you know they are never bringing Jar Jar back? It's true! They passed some new "gungan control laws" #political #humor #goodone
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    And The Jokes Don't Stop, Even Around Your Friends

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo Jan 13 Today I took Ben and his "First Order" club to McDonalds I said "For MY First Order I would like some fries! My Second Order is a coke!"

    Especially around your friends.

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    Get It? Because He Can't Cook

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 17h Why did BB-8 stick out his lighter? He was starting his BB-Q! That's short for barbeque Ben I hope you're hungry for #JOKES tonight!
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    But He Really Just Wants His Son to Love Him

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 13h Hahaha! Good one @DepressedDarth! Do you have any Chewbacon? Hahaha! Why does my son love you more than me!? Darth Vader @Depressed Darth Ham Solo
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    Don't Encourage Him

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 3h Today I'll take Ben out for frozen treats and put a little black hood on his before he gets it I'll say LOOK IT'S SUPREME LEADER SNOWCONE!
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    Kylo Ren Has No Chill, That's His Problem

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo Jan 12 Ben got mad because I told him too many jokes about the Millennium Falcon. I told him to CHILL-ennium Falcon! #classic! #dadjoke! #haha!
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    Han Has a Habit of Tauntaunting His Twitter Rivals

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 13h What temperature was it in there @BadFatherHan? WAS IT LUKEWARM!? Bad Father Han Solo @BadFatherHan That year I made Ben live inside a tauntaun.
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    He Can Look It Up If He Really Wants to Know

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo Jan 12 Today Ben asked me how the hyperdrive works I told him you take a normal drive and give it sugar! He doesn't ask me about the ship anymore
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    So Much

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 12h Nice BB-8 ink! Did you get it done at the TATOOINE PARLOR!? Ahahaha Ben Ben come see what I just wrote! Nerdist @nerdist BB-8, Captain Marvel, Dole Whip, and more in today's #InkedWednesday
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    Ben, You're So Gifted

    Text - Dad Joke Han Solo @dadjokehansolo 23h Me: Ben for your birthday I'm giving you Mynocks Ben: Dad why Me: I want them to be Yournocks! Ben having a funny father is the real gift


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