11 Stress Headache-Inducing Internet Shopping Fails Where Nothing Went As Planned

  • 1
    tweet of chainsaw bought off eBay that has chain instead of blade
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  • 2
    picture of fully grown man sitting on tiny kids chair
  • 3
    picture of tiny booster seat that fits in person's palm
  • 4
    picture of hats printed with the url of the images they were supposed to show
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  • 5
    tweet with pictures of person dressed in full body shoe costume that was supposed to be an actual shoe
  • 6
    picture of girl holding giant dustpan
  • 7
    expectation vs reality meme with picture of cable knit blanket that's just a long string
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  • 8
    guitar pick with image of skulls and the text "sample text" printed on it
  • 9
    expectation vs reality meme of product listing of color changing mug that in real life is simple mug printed with the two changing patterns
  • 10
    picture of grass head Bob Ross bust that grows its hair sparse and patchy
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  • 11
    picture iPad package opened to reveal a large calculator inside
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