Tony the Tiger is Fighting Back Against Lewd Tweets by Blocking Furries on Twitter

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    Poor Tony the Tiger has been the butt of a furry joke for years

    furry - Web page - Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger 14 Feb 2015 Roses are red. Tigers are orange... Uh oh. This isn't going to end well. #RhymeHelp w VITAMIND FROSTED FLAKES t193 284 Panda, please. @rjtremor Follow @realtonytiger You, sir, are a glutton for punishment. I won't deny your ability to cause swooning, but... #run #thefurriesarecomingforyou RETWEETS LIKES 7 12 9:09 AM 14 Feb 2015 -

    I mean, you know, what's not to love about a big, burly, fun-loving tiger (if you're in to that sort of thing)? Folks with an affinity for fur have been Tweeting at the Frosted Flakes spokescat to show their affection for the big guy, and it's a little bit awkward for the rest of us.

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    furry - Product - Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger Jan 25 Is there any better way to describe my #FrostedFlakes? #fillinyourGRRREAT NECTAR OF THE-GODS GR R-REAT! Koclog's FROSTED FLAKES 0:12/0:12 t7 24 Dixon Cider @Phor_dingo Follow .@realtonytiger frost my cakes daddy RETWEETS LIKES 72 22 11:00 AM-26 Jan 2016 Silver Firs, WA
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    furry - Web page - Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger 21 Aug 2015 Kicking off @LittleLeague World Series w/ my bud Coach Belisle was grreat! How will you #showyourstripes at the LLWws? EROSTED FEAKES eHOWYOLRS SHOWYOURSTRIPES OFFICIAL B encas sEAAsr oF LITTLE LEADu WYOURSTRIP SHOW rumEsUE STED RIPES turLE OFFICIAL SH SHOWYO STRIPES FROS SHOW STRIPE SHOWYO t 15 17 sock Follow @SockCorgi @realtonytiger @LittleLeague i want to see the stripes under your shorts tony RETWEETS LIKES 10 20 12:08 PM -31 Dec
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    furry - Text - Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger 14 Mar 2015 Great #collegebasketball championships today. Now, on to the #bigdance. The Big Dance 2015 t 48 80 heterophobia @PapyrusFucker Follow @realtonytiger fist me tony i love you M A RETWEETS LIKES 41 60 9:02 AM-14 Mar 2015
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    furry - Dish - Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger Jan 25 I love to hyphenate the Gr-r-reat! #nailedit You? #fillinyourGRRREAT TOTALLY-FACE MELTINGLY-MEGAGR R-REAT! -AWESOMELY Killoyg's FROSTED FLAKES 0:01 l t11 28 Trash baby @memedoggo Follow @realtonytiger FROST MY INSIDES DADDY RETWEET LIKES 1 2 2:45 AM -27 Jan 2016
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    And thus, a new joke was born: #tonytigergate

    furry - Text - stray dog strut @edgedestroys Follow has tony the tiger not seen the zootopia trailers. we out here. we mainstream. get with the times or get left behind #tonytigergate RETWEETS LIKES 26 67 11:18 AM -26 Jan 2016
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    furry - Text - Maxx @TFF Follow @maxxthefoxx It'd be in the communities best interest NOT perpetuate furry stereotypes by tweeting lewd comments to a prominent mascot. #TonyTigerGate RETWEETS LIKES 21 36 7:22 PM -26 Jan 2016 t7 Maxx @TFF @maxthefoxx 16h @maxxthefoxx understand the appeal. It's trolling for most but the general
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    furry - Text - Tea, Earl Grey, Ott Follow @DadeOtter The worst part about #TonyTigerGate is that now we have to eat Cheetos for breakfast RETWEETS LIKES 54 22 CATON
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    Frosted Flakes must be real tired of this nonsense, because now they've started blocking the furries

    furry - Text - RAWRlie on the MTA Follow @KinielCat I don't even think I've ever tweeted at @realtonytiger, did they just go and block all furries? XD Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger You are blocked from following @realtonytiger and viewing @realtonytiger's Tweets. Learn more RETWEETS LIKES 28 12 10:36 AM - 26 Jan 2016
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    Luckily, Chester Cheetah has stepped up to the plate to take Tony's place as Daddy

    furry - Text - #Applebae @Casual Fennec 22h But what would@ChesterCheetah think of being called Daddy by his adoring fans??? t7 22 Witchy Cats @WitchyCats 22h @CasualFennec @ChesterCheetah Cast out from our homedad, we wander, in search of a new life, in search of a ne... Daddy t10 29 Chester Cheetah Follow @ChesterCheetah @WitchyCats @CasualFennec I welcome all fans to my twitter feed. Scales, feathers, or fur, if you enjoy my tweets then welcome! RETWEETS LIKES 443 649 12:46 PM -26 Jan 2016

    Bless you and your open mind, Chester Cheetah.


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