50 'Bad Stock Photos Of My Job' On Twitter Will Have You Crying From Laughter

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    stock photo job - Face - A Adobe Stoc Nicole K. Paulk @Nicole_Paulk This stock image of a scientist is PRICELESS. I too often find myself inspecting each nugget of dry ice one by one. Can never be too careful 9:10 PM Apr 24, 2018 2,857 688 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - aCK PHOTO drea hutterstock n protective suit holding pile of earth with smal sprout in woods Dave Hemprich-Bennett @hammerheadbat As an ecologist I'm never sure if I should be terrified by plants or dressed formally whilst in their company #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 6:34 PM May 5, 2018 626 103 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Technology - dream gettyimeges dreom cim Clare Mackintosh @claremackint0sh Authors have terrible posture because we can't afford chairs and instead sit on piles of our unpublished manuscripts. Every 500 words (typed one-fingered on a typewriter) we reward ourselves by lighting a massive cigar. #BadStockPhotosOf M yJ ob 10:40 AM May 6, 2018 303 89 people are talking about this dreamtine dreomscim
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    stock photo job - Office equipment - Shanna Germain @ShannaGermain I don't know what people are going on about with #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob This is exactly what I look like when I write. 4:45 PM May 6, 2018 538 145 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - Jon Vredenburg @Feed4Speed To build camaraderie, we sit uncomfortably close to each other during team meetings #BadStockPhotosOfM yJ ob 10:23 AM May 4, 2018 84 people are talking about this 560
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    stock photo job - Text - (((Mike Craft))) @craftmike As an MRI tech l always guide my patients into a highly energized state on the astral plane until their glowing skeletons can provide useful positioning landmarks. Then I encourage them to stick their arms out to ensure they won't fit in the bore#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 3:04 PM May 5, 2018 932 239 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - Emma Hodcroft @firefoxx66 As an evolutionary biologist, you have *no idea* how hard it is to find tweasers small enough to grab bits of DNA (which is the main part of our job, obvs) #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 3:42 PM May 4, 2018 2,744 657 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Website - ck iSt iStock iStpck y.crotly Image by Getty Images by Getty Images iStock iStock iStock by Galfimages by Getty Images by Getty Images" iSt ck iStock iStock by Getty Images Images" by Getty Images by Getty Shiloh Carroll @medievalismish Because when doing research, I always wear my regalia to the library. How else will people know have a PhD?! #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 4:12 PM May 4, 2018 1,120 183 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - People - The Wombat Resists @UrsulaV All you people complaining about the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob are just lucky you're not a children's author... 2:07 AM May 7, 2018 184 24 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Job - Liz Tunbridge @LizTunbridge I spend my days laughing at models of DNA that twist the wrong way #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 9:54 AM May 4, 2018 1,766 384 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - 463274867 Christa Trexler @ChristaTrex Replying to @MaureenBug This is how I do animal research - I just let the mice pick which tubes they like best #BadStockPhotosOf MyJ ob 7:29 PM May 4, 2018 102 17 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Adaptation - Natasha Carlson-P @carlson_natasha I mean I have no idea what this 'environmental scientist' is doing but I can say the defeated posture is correct #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 12:00 PM May 5, 2018 1,603 312 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - gettyimages Beep Bop @tara818 I often like to express my severity with a black cardigan and severe bun to intimidate the popular girls who bullied me in high school. You're in my yard now, Jessica. A yard of intelligence. Of silence. Of finger pointing. *whispers: my yard* #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob #library 7:59 PM - May 4, 2018 414 966 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - PHYSICS shupter tiek) -s) Rnta Fe E-mc Robert McNees @mcnees First we write "Physics" on the chalkboard, then we grab a sharpie and scribble some *nonsense* on the nearest window. We all know the same equation and we will write it on literally anything #BadStockPhotosOfMyJ ob 10:24 PM May 5, 2018 V1,357 269 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - a alamy alamy alamy alamy a alamy stock photo Dr Paul Coxon C3XBGK @paulcoxon At the end of a hard day of physicsing, all physicists must return to their Science Egg in order to rejuvenate #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 5:45 PM May 6, 2018 158 21 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Musical instrument - Julius Goat @JuliusGoat These #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob grossly misrepresent what my career as an abacus musician on a pirate ship is really like. 9:49 AM May 7, 2018 251 938 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - Stock iStock iSt ck efimages by Getty Images ages by Getty iStock iStock Stock by Gelly ncges E Getty I by Getty Images Stock ck Stock eely ges iSt by Gefty images ages by Gett Cool Gay No. 6 @RainBlackKat i will never forget when i did my first design job for the cyberspace brain lord #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 3:57 PM May 4, 2018 264 933 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - Shutterstrck 1009101253 Sabine Stanley @PlanetSabine Admittedly, I wish being a planetary scientist meant I could move the planets with hand gestures #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 11:40 PM May 5, 2018 344 72 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - SNT ek. shoter s tc Sophie Barnes @SheepishSophie I am a farmer. Therefor I'm obviously 35+ yrs old, male and only wear checked shirts. I like to stand in paddocks inspecting my crops with my arms folded. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob Not one picture could be found of a young female farmer. I should be shocked... I'm not. 11:30 PM May 6, 2018 670 187 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - Jenni @jennir Yup, this is software engineering all righ... we Lways look this happy and wodrk in packs. On one monitor. Together. Smiling. What is so funny, folks in the back? #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 8:51 PM May 4, 2018 43 people are talking about this 205
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    stock photo job - Product - depositphoto deposphot deposohotos ekpositphotos deporton osteshotosi Richard @DrCarnivorous "What can you see?" "Nothing. My glasses have fogged and the #microscope isn't turned on" "Interesting". <scribble> #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob#histology 1:34 PM May 4, 2018 326 961 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Chemical engineer - 23RF 23RF Elisabeth Bik @MicrobiomDigest Happy hour in the lab. Cheers!#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 10:36 PM May 5, 2018 101 921 people are talking about this 123RF 123RF 123RF O123RF
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    stock photo job - Sky - 19206688 Steven Schultze @GEO_Schultze Most climate scientists are 200 feet tall, and we frequently unleash thunderstorms on people having picnics so I have no problem with this one. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 4:26 PM Apr 25, 2018 445108 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Photo caption - Leonie Höckbert @leofromtherock Academia is bearded men eagerly pointing at absolutely nothing and being very serious about it. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 7:46 AM May 5, 2018 1,097 338 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Arm - OI2SRE ((Sam Crane))) @Samanticka It is true that most lawyers are Slytherins #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 1:08 PM May 4, 2018 725 154 people are talking about this O123RE ERF
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    stock photo job - Text - dreamstime ime dreamstim dreamtime Nick Dixon @ njd_ #FBPE Me when I'm looking at anyone else's code, or my own from six months ago. Software development really is like this. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 1:16 PM May 4, 2018 353 9 60 people are talking about this dre me
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    stock photo job - Product - James Wong @Botanygeek As a botanist, I am so petrified of plants I cover my entire body in hazmat safety gear. (Except the parts actually touching them, of course) Sometimes, when I am feeling a bit wild, I bring my microscope to the bedding plant aisle of a garden centres.#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 9:44 PM May 6, 2018 967 160 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Font - istock istock Ist ck Toy Getty Images istock SOck iStock Byoety Images Gelty mages y Getty fon 1st ck iStock Stack ge EySety yegltyimde James William Cooper @James_W_C I often hold my slides and stare moodily at them. You know, instead of looking at them under the microscope that's right in front of me. Sometimes I invite a colleague to join me. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJ ob 12:14 PM May 5, 2018 164 34 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Hard hat - hutterstck Perpetually @engineerchick85 #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob Loving this hashtag. Looked for woman civil engineer & found this gem. Random dude over my shoulder giving his (unasked) opinion on my work. Too accurate. 9:21 PM May 5, 2018 1,122 210 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - CanStook OAStock Oanstock Can gtook Katie 'better than the W-23' Mummah @nuclearkatie It turns out that nuclear engineering is a lot like being the Scarlet Witch. For every fission that happens, there's a overworked nuclear engineer manipulating the atoms by hand#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 1:25 AM May 6, 2018 95 people are talking about this 353
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    stock photo job - Product - sSutterstock 1034824429 Dana Simmons @dhsimmons1 #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob We do not taste the stuff in our Petri dishes and plants do not grow out of desks 1:25 AM - May 4, 2018 607 132 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - F P TOz LPED PECTD STCR E F P TOZ LPED PECTD EL Dr. Glaucomflecken @DGlaucomflecken While you're reading these tiny letters, guess what's on my clipboard? Go ahead, guess. You'll never get it Do you give up? IT'S ANOTHER EYE CHART!!!!#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 12:54 AM May 7, 2018 138 18 people are talking about this wow weo eaig a
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    stock photo job - Product - dretcomC Clay Jones @skepticpedi A pediatrician, shown here about to test the primitive eye poke reflex, also known as the Three Stooges reflex. If present, the baby will place their hand vertically against the nose while saying nyuk nyuk nyuk. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 3:21 AM May 7, 2018 422 132 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - zposietocos Bzportohotos dgeadtphote Cpodtotator Saucy Stacey @DrSCubed Replying to @DrJenGunter Hypothesis: You cannot pour the blue liquid in to the yellow liquid if you don't remove the cap from the blue liquid Test Hypothesis supported. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJ ob 9:54 PM May 6, 2018 271 958 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Sitting - iStock iSt Ock iStock by Getty Images w.Gany fiaes by Gefly Imaces iStorks istock iStock by Getty Images by Getty Imag IT&tock iSt iStock By Ge mages by Getty Images by Gefty Anne-Marie Broughton @AnnemariebArt Because as an artist sometimes I like to dab the paint all over my face and dreamily stare into space whilst fondling my favourite paint brushes #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob #toomuchsangria 10:38 AM May 11, 2018 See Anne-Marie Broughton's other Tweets 14 TE
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    stock photo job - Text - MYMOTWA alamy stock po ANTONYM SYNONYM Anatol Stefanowitsch @astefanowitsch As a linguist I spend my days categorizing words into synonyms and antonyms using rubber stamps. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 1:05 PM May 4, 2018 740 122 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Brain - gettyimages DebbiSmirnoff 157513013 Ben Marcus @bmarcus128 Because if you *really* want to understand the brain, you have to listen to it. Real close. BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 1:07 AM May 4, 2018 269 people are talking about this 1,016
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    stock photo job - Technology - shuttersrgc Euctersteck siUteistrc Suttersyack Alex M @AKM0711 As a lawyer I can only work with a gavel nearby, even though I'm not a judge. Never know when you might need a ceremonial mallet to keep people in line around the office. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 6:03 PM May 5, 2018 91 20 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - playcr oves player col( reamstime suare Ostrip subst Tauno Talimaa @tauntz I sit in a dark room and project code straight to my face while solving complicated problems. This helps me to immerse myself in it and "feel" the code. #BadStockPhotosOfM yJ ob 2:17 PM - May 4, 2018 2,220 9674 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - Brian Stotter, MD @StotterMD Sorry your kidneys are failing. Here are some raisinettes with Hershey kisses hats #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 1:11 AM - May 6, 2018 53 See Brian Stotter, MD's other Tweets
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    stock photo job - Medical procedure - Kate Adamala @KateAdamala Replying to @Nicole_Paulk Freehand pour Very Dangerous Blue Liquid (VDBL) from a beaker into tiny tube in a rack you hold with your other hand. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob Mandatory eye and respiratory protection, because VDBL. 10:03 PM Apr 25, 2018 411 89 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Optical instrument - shutte ck James Felton @JimMFelton "Hey space astronomer, where is space?" [Space astronomer puts on his lab coat and adjusts his space safety goggles] "According to my latest science, there is space." 9:30 AM May 4, 2018 1,478 529 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Movie - e0101010010101010 BrightSilence @BrightSilence Data Science... it's basically Minority Report without the psychics. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 11:20 AM May 4, 2018 524 125 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - NEBRE O123RE 123RF 123RF 23RF Jennifer Gunter @DrjenGunter I always give a thumbs up after a pelvic exam, it's so not creepy at all #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 9:27 PM May 6, 2018 1,427 300 people are talking about this 23RF
  • 45
    stock photo job - Medical procedure - 1hinkstockos Phil Spear @Duke_of_neural Blue liquids in beakers: incredibly dangerous to men, irresistibly seductive to women.#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob h/t @RayTruant and @KateAdamala 11:27 PM May 4, 2018 V1,232 9 427 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Chin - OCatock Can Stock Photo csp3178579 Julian Schiavo @iamjustjS #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob Because THIS is how you program 5:21 AM May 4, 2018 142 9 32 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Text - Jul @ladyjulbug This is my favorite method for grading papers #badstockphotosofmyjob 5:13 PM May 4, 2018 28 people are talking about this 168
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    stock photo job - Tree - Kirsty Elliott @Trouty_Trout As an ecologist, I can confirm that my days consist of much stethoscoping of trees in an unnecessary lab coat. It's the only proper way to detect wildlifes. #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 10:56 AM May 5, 2018 21,841 431 people are talking about this
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    stock photo job - Product - H CH H C H H N E CH 1 ITIL Kat Day @chronicleflask As a chemistry teacher I always have all the different-coloured liquids on my desk, next to the microscope, whilst sporting perfectly-manicured nails. Also something with a hydrogen double bond drawn on the board behind me.#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 10:38 PM May 5, 2018 224 people are talking about this 713
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    stock photo job - Poster - getty mages gettycrages Rachel Miller @AllthingsIC Love the #badstockphotosofmyjob hashtag. Here's some for Communication professionals. Can't remember the last time I used a megaphone in a client meeting, or anywhere! 8:31 AM May 5, 2018 107 23 people are talking about this
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