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Space is The Final Frontier - Funny meme from a picture of a keyboard with THE FINAL FRONTIER written across the space bar.
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CTRL Your Funny Memes

Funny picture of a normal white computer keyboard that has the words "final frontier" drawn across the space bar, paying tribute to the original Star Trek episode intro from back in the 1960's. This is an unusual meme, aside from being funny, it is also just a picture, as the text was drawn by someone prior to taking the photo of the keyboard.
We know this one wasn't that funny, but you can find a few really funny memes at that link or on our website's homepage, and also visit our homepage regularly to for the latest funny pictures and memes. Funny memes are one of those things that varies from person to person because of their different sense of humors. So if you find one that many people seem to like, but you don't, just move on. It is a bit cliche to get upset over a meme not being funny to you.

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