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Viral Golden Retrievers Melt TikTokers' Hearts When they Meet Their Newborn Human Baby Sister for the First Time

Seeing dogs fall in love with their human babies is one of the most adorable things to experience in life. We already know that dogs are adult human's best friends, but seeing how they take their older sibling duties on so seriously, is an entirely different level. 


A TikToker who dedicates her entire profile to her dogs Winston and Doug goes viral often for the adorable antics her two golden retrievers get into. Goldens are known for their sweet tempers and extreme drive to please their humans, so it's no surprise that these sweet pups are already TikTok famous. Recently, however, the TikToker shared a video of the moment when the two dogs met their human baby sister for the first time and you couldn't possibly foresee such cuteness. 



The two pups were wagging their tails so hard you'd think they'd break. They were piling over the doggy fence to get a close look at their new tiny sibling. The baby was itty bitty and the dogs seemed so large compared to her, but they were so extremely gentle giving her kisses and sniffs. One of the dogs ducks out for a second and comes back with one of his toys in his mouth trying to offer it to the little baby. The precious moment instantly went viral and many brought tears of cuteness to many viewer's eyes. 


“Already the best big brothers”

@winstonthegoodboygolden Already the best big brothers 💛 I see lots of kisses & toys in Miller’s future! #dogmeetsbaby #petsoftiktok #goldenretriever #feelgood #ComeDanceWithMe ♬ State Lines - Novo Amor


That was about a year ago already, but the video was only recently shared on the TikTok. If you scroll just a little down the profile you can see how the siblings do now as the baby grows. The two dogs are still extremely gentle with their baby sister and love to play with her. The baby girl always makes sure her pup siblings have a ball or stick to play with and love to give them cuddles and kisses. Though she's never left unattended with the dogs, you can tell these dogs would do anything to protect and love their baby sister. 


About a Year Later


@winstonthegoodboygolden Reply to @avorss so many comments worrying about this ferocious dog 😂 I think it’s safe to say Winston loves Cam’s hugs and kisses #bffs #toddlertok ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


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