21 Idiotic Photoshop Fails That Bent Physics and Broke Anatomy

  • 1
    photoshop fail of a little girl looking away from the mirror but her reflection in the mirror is face-forward
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  • 2
    photoshop fail of a women holding a salad but her hands are significantly smaller to her body
  • 3
    photoshop fail for a selfie stick that is held from a person who is not the in the selfie
  • 4
    photoshop meme for a guitar ad and the guitars are floating in the air instead of being held by the players
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  • 5
    photoshop fail for an ad of a horse that is missing its whole body
  • 6
    photopshop fail of a parent giving their baby a bath but only the arm is visible and the rest of the body is cut out
  • 7
    photoshop fail of a woman's eyebrow that is drawn over her hair
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  • 8
    photopshop fail of an elderly couple standing next to a staircase and half their bodies are cut off
  • 9
    photoshop fail for a fashion ad that has the model turning but her leg stays forward
  • 10
    photoshop fail for a swim membership that shows the models hand twisted abnormally
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  • 11
    photoshop fail of a woman showering and her neck looks broken
  • 12
    photoshop fail of an ad of a woman looking out the window of a plane that looks like its too close to hitting something
  • 13
    phtopshop fail of a pool that has the reflection of umbrellas in the water when there are not any in the photo
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  • 14
    photoshop meme of a children's ad that has a naked man in the backround
  • 15
    photoshop meme of a bowl of rice that has a smattering of peas to make it look more authentic
  • 16
    photoshop fail for a women's beauty ad that has the lower half of the body not proportional to the upper body
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  • 17
    phtotshop fail of an ad that cut out a woman's lower jaw
  • 18
    photoshop fail for a family PJ set that Photoshoped the faces onto the models
  • 19
    photoshop fail of brad pit holding his baby in his arms and the same pic of the baby behind his shoulder
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  • 20
    phtoshop fail of a guy diving into the sea that is significantly smaller than him
  • 21
    photoshop fail of fallout vault boy pajamas pants


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