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This Heartwarming Story Of a Girl And Her Feline Best Friend Is Purr-fect For Christmas Day

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    If ever anyone wanted proof that cats have emotions, the story of Evie Henderson and her best friend, feline Genie, would be it.

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    Their touching bond gave Evie the hope, comfort and the fighting power to overcome a fierce battle.

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    In March of 2016, 11-year-old Evie was diagnosed with bone cancer.

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    She had begun feeling sick and after rigorous testing, was found to have osteosarcoma. This type of bone cancer attacks the arms and legs, often the knee joints. Over the next year, Evie had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and had to have numerous painful surgeries. This kept her in the hospital for over 300 days in total!

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    What helped the brave young woman endure it all, was the bond with her beloved cat Genie.

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    From the hospital bed, Evie would longingly scroll through her iPad, gazing at photos and videos of the black-and-white feline. A welcome distraction, Genie's furry face helped make the long hours in the hospital bearable.

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    The separation wasn’t only heartbreaking for Evie, but Genie was feeling the loss as well.

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    As Evie spent more and more time away from home, Genie became more and more lonely. Eve's parents did everything they could to share their love with Genie, but it just wasn't the same. The then 8-year-old Genie, would stare at the empty bed of her human with longing and confusion in her eyes. She would wander through the home in search of Evie, gazing out the windows in empty rooms. With a light footstep echoed through the halls of the home, Genie would fill with hope.

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    Now wonderfully in remission, Evie continues to go to weekly check-ups.

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    She still has a ways to go to be "fully" recovered, but Genie is by her side every step of the way.

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    The animated short film of their separation, tugs on the heartstrings with shocking reality:


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