Chris Christie Looks Like He's Been Taken Hostage and the Internet is Starting to Worry About Him

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    Chris Christie Endorsed Trump, Now He's in Real Trouble

    Photo caption - Chris Cillizza @The Fix-5h "His were the eyes of a man who has gazed into the abyss, and the abyss gazed back, and then he endorsed the abyss." TRUMP TEXT "TRUMP to 88022 Palm Beach,Florida MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Chris Christie's wordless screaming Standing behind Donald Trump on Tuesday was a man who has just realized his own mortality
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    Chris Christie Apparently Made This Face Through the Entire Speech

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    Even If He Hasn't Been Kidnapped, It's Really Messing With Some People's Presidential Betting Pool

    Cartoon - James Poniewozik @poniewozik 1h I did not have "Chris Christie becomes Donald Trump's Smithers" in my pre- election pool t222 286
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    Seriously Though, People Are Starting to Worry

    Text - Josh Marshall Follow @joshtpm Starting a Kickstarter to buy back Chris Christie's dignity. 6:55 PM-1 Mar 2016 Dan Savage @fakedansavage Follow Why hasn't President Obama sent the Navy Seals in to rescue Chris Christie already? 7:00 PM -1 Mar 2016 pourmecoffee @pourmecoffee Follow I hope some day Chris Christie finds his forever-home. 6:48 PM - 1 Mar 2016

    via @fakedansavage, via @pourmecoffee

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    He's Clearly Started Questioning the Choices That Led Him to a Lifetime of Trump Servitude

    Facial expression - m Beach, Florida 3 PM ET HO ach Florida MET TDS WHAT HAVE I DONE? DEAR GOD DONE? WHAT HAVEI
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    And He Probably Just Found Out Donald's Real Last Name is Drumpf

    News - each, Florida MET TRUM TEXT "TRUMP'to 88 Lyle Clip Art @Kyle_Lippert Follow [Gob voice] I've made a huge mistake 7:03 PM -1 Mar 2016
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    You'll Want To Turn the Sound on For This One

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    Maybe There's a Reasonable Explanation for All This

    Junk food - that explains it mp HQ m Beach, Florida O PM ET TRUMP TEXT TRUMP to 8802 Palm Beach, Florida MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGA
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    Perhaps He Wandered Into This Situation and It Only Looks Bad

    (Tip: Sound is key to enjoying this video)

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    But, No, the Pain is Too Real

    Flag of the united states - That feeling when you realize Bruce Springsteen will never think you're cool. TRUMP LIVE TEXT "TRUMP to 88022 Palm Beach, Florida AMSNBC TH PLACE FOR POLITICS 2016 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
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    Guys, He's Suffering. How Do We Save Him?

    News - ch, Florida ET [screams internally] TRUMP

    At least now we know what the entire United States would look like if Donald Trump actually became president. 


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