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Kind-Hearted People Save Poor Trapped Kitten In An Hour Long Rescue

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    Kitten crying

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    Just above the ground at Waterway Point Mall, a crowd of people heard some meows coming from the grilles way above their heads. The security staff was alerted and attempted to reach the kitten with a ladder but was unsuccessful. 

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    Banding together

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    Luckily, a hospital worker by the name of Kim Hock, had a ladder nearby that was tall enough to reach the kitten. Mr Hasan and Mr Nickolas Lim helped join the rescue effort and climbed the ladder, forced open the grilles and rescued the kitten. 

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    Safe and sound

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    The crowd cheered for the rescue and the kitten was wrapped up in a cardigan provided by Ms Lyn Zulkifli. She brought the kitten to the vet immediately and plans to continue taking care of the kitten for the time being. 

    You can read the full story at Channel News Asia.


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