Boss Gets Schooled on Wanting to Fire His Most Efficient Employee

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    Text - From Your Digest I have an employee who always does everything faster than everyone else on the team and spends most of the day playing video games and not helping his coworkers. Do I fire him? x
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    Text - PhD Molecular Biology, University of Brasilia (2007) Answered Dec 12 So, you're considering to fire your one and only efficient and honest employee? Your other employees probably don't need any help. What likely happens is that they're more experienced than your fast employee, and have already learned that letting a boss find out that the work can be done in less time only leads to punishment with unrewarded extra work or with dismissal. So they pretend their tasks take the whole day.
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    Text - Your fast employee does all his daily tasks well and quickly, and gets some spare time because he works well and fast. What is wrong about that? His spare time is his natural reward for being efficient. If you want to take this natural reward away from him, you should replace it with financial reward It was arranged that he'd earn a certain amount for doing the tasks he's doing. If you want him to do more (like manage other people's work), you should also pay him more. If you punish him b


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