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People Hated on Kim Kardashian for Her Risqué Selfie So She Owned Them on Twitter

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    Yesterday, Kim Posted a Selfie of Herself With Just a Few Well Placed Censor Bars

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    Why? Most likely because that is what she does... or because Kanye has been hogging the spotlight for a little too long.
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    Some People Did Not Approve

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    via Loretta126x, F**kSterling
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    Although, Others Were Very Empathetic

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    Maybe a little too much.
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    Then She Started Responding to Criticism

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    It's almost like she was prepared for this.
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    Kim Even Responded Directly to a Few Celebrities Who Decided to Call Her Out

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    You Mean This Nylon Cover?

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    She's Just Joking Around, Bette Midler

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    No, But Seriously...

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    And Piers Morgan Jumped in On the Conversation Because That's All People Know Him For

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    Even if you don't think Kim's responses are that clever...
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    You Can't Argue With Cash

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