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It's honestly quite ridiculous!

Here's the news from the Pokémon Direct:

  • Players will be able to choose 1 of 7 languages to play the game (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean).

  • The new Player Search System (PSS) will allow players to search for others globally (via Wi-Fi) to trade or battle.

  • Skrelp is a Poison/Water type Pokémon. Clauncher is a Water type Pokémon.

  • Pokémon-Amie will have some kind of beneficial effect in battle.

  • Horde encounters were announced. 5 vs. 1 battles! Hordes are meant to balance difficulty and keep people from capturing a powerful Pokémon in the wild and breezing through.

  • A new Fire/Flying type Pokémon named Talonflame is seen in a new Sky Battle. Haunter is also used, so Pokémon with levitate will also work.

  • Other Pokémon will be rideable.

  • A recap video will be posted tomorrow.

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