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Norway Builds The World’s Biggest Moose Statue Hoping To Reduce The Number Of Moose Hit By Cars

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    The moose sculpture was designed by Norwegian artist Linda Bakke, and is made out of stainless, polished steel. The sculpture was made in parts in China and transported in pieces to Norway where it was assembled during the summer.

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    But the gigantic moose is not just there for your veiwing pleasure

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    It's positioned by one of the most trafficked roads in Hedmark, and its real purpose is to hopefully make you stop, take a picture of the sculpture, rest your eyes, and break up the monotonically road between Oslo and Trondheim. Hopefully you'll wake up and won't hit a real living moose as you make your way through Eastern Norway.

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    So far this year more than 1000 moose have been hit by cars and several actions have been taken to reduce the numbers of accidents the last couple of years.

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    A railway bridge covered with five moose painted in pop art style and close to 100 colorful antlers in the tree tops are supposed to raise awareness to the many motorists on the road.

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    Rumors has it that some Canadians already want to break the record by building an even bigger moose.

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