Twitter Story: Man Who Orders Weekly Pizza Angers Employees as He Continuously Tucks The Pie Under His Arm

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    Text - 1* 82% o AT&T 8:42 PM Tweet @sad_tree I've never hated anyone in my life except this next guy. 1/12/16, 8:31 PM 975 RETWEETS 2,563 LIKES joe @sad_tree My old job I worked at a pizza place Every week this guy came in and order 2 extra large pizzas. 1/12/16 410 768 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 And every single week, I yell "Pickup Smith". He walks up to the counter. Shows me his receipt. I slide the pizzas across the counter Reply to joe
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    Text - 1 82% o AT&T 8:42 PM Tweet joe @sad_tree Mr. Smith picks up the two pies (18")... AND TURNS THE BOXES 1/12/16 SIDEWAYS UNDER HIS ARMS. He walks out the door with 2 piping hot loaded pies 877 429 Mr. K @opusatrum 1/12/16 @sad_tree What you need is a good contract killer. 34 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 HE JUST NONCHALANTLY CARRIES HIS PIZZAS LIKE A HIGHSCHOOLER CARRYING TEXT BOOKS 436 1,044 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 Reply to joe
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    Text - 1 82% o AT&T 8:42 PM Tweet joe @sad_tree There were a bunch of Spanish cooks working with me, that couldn't take it. They spend 70 hours a week making pizzas. And to see this. 1/12/16 282 670 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 Theyd step to the back. Others couldn't look away. It was like a train wreck. A large elderly woman wearing yoga pants. Couldn't look away 700 266 Tokyo Sexwale @mlhartzell @sad_tree Domino's is the only pizza 1/12/16 FIFA recommended to be carried like that. And also dropped in
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    Text - 1 82% o AT&T 8:43 PM Tweet Keep in mind when you DELIVER a pizza( flat surface sitting in your car) if you drive erratically you can slide the cheese to one side. 310 651 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 And this guy was TUCKING. Up under his arm Like he was walking in to an interview with Disney Pixar carrying his doodle portfolio 375 1,202 joe @sad_tree Some of the cooks would say things like "he should not do this" "why does he do this" "puta no matter the nationality we agreed 1/12/16 os" but 41
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    Text - 1 82% ooo AT&T 8:43 PM Tweet Tommytougnstuff @Tommyt... 1/12/16 @sad_tree I'll carry my pizza pie Tommy Tough Stuff anyway I like 11 Tokyo Sexwale @mlhartzell @sad_tree is this turning into a 1/12/16 FIFA murder confession? #BakingAMurderer 7 291 joe @sad_tree At first, I started carrying his pizzas out to his car for him. "Oh wow great service" he'd say. And then when I handed him the pies 1/12/16 323 672 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 When we reached his Subaru, HED TUCK THEM UNDER HIS ARM THEN
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    Text - 1 82% o AT&T 8:43 PM Tweet JVlustaraCreams @Mustard... T/12716 @sad_tree u got this piece of shit's address? 93 joe @sad_tree Then I started hinting about eating other food. "Hey mr smith you 1/12/16 should try the cheese steaks" "the moss sticks are great" nope. Tucked. 307 687 Nnelg @justabloodygame @sad_tree Death is too good for this 1/12/16 one. 41 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 Finally we offered free delivery, normally $1.75 delivery fee, but for him. Nothing. Don't even tip. Just let bring
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    Text - 1 82% .ooo AT&T 8:43 PM Tweet You live 35 minutes away and only stop here because you work locally? Don't worry. We got you 260 647 Tokyo Sexwale @mlhartzell 1/12/16 FIFA @sad_tree Only solution is to sit down with the guy and feed him. As soon as you're gone, He's tucking that shit 60 joe @sad_tree "Nah. I like coming in to see you guys... Is he fucking with us? Does he enjoy the range of emotion we 1/12/16 demonstrate because of his antics? 349 1,055 Tokyo Sexwale @mlhartzell @sad_tree
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    Text - 1 82% o AT&T 8:43 PM Tweet joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 regretful 've never seen someone as of their profession as our Guatemalan cook Tony. He told me Smith made him 'want to to go home' 1,143 315 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 I digress. It's my last week working there. Smith calls his order in on Thursday. I know I have 25 minutes to prepare. What should I say. 256 596 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 I've never straight up asked him. Closest I've gotten was proxy conversations with customers that came up after
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    Text - 1 82% .ooo AT&T 8:43 PM Tweet Tokyo Sexwale @mlhartzell 1/12/16 FIFA @sad_tree this could be made into a Michael Bay movie 2 49 joe @sad_tree So he walks in. He pays. The pies come out. I yell "Pick Up Smith". He walks up with his receipt. I slide the pies. He picks them up 1/12/16 265 543 TimKaniaExperience @timk... 1/12/16 @sad_tree That was a cry for help 14 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 begins to tuck them under his arm. And in this moment I know. It's now or never. My five years at Philadelp
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    Text - 1 82% ooo AT&T 8:44 PM Tweet @sad_tree This is better than #SOTU 34 joe @sad_tree This is for me, for tony, for 1/12/16 Guatemala. He turns to leave. And suddenly as if without preparation I ask..."Why" 389 1,082 joe @sad_tree 1/12/16 He looks at the me. Then the tucked pies. Then back at me. Pauses for a moment and says 4343 773 joe @sad_tree They're for my family I don't even eat pizza 1/12/16 479 2,223 Josh Fruhlinger @jfruh 1/12/16 @sad_tree OH MY GOD Reply to joe


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