On April 1st, You Should Hope These April Fools Day Pranks Don't Happen to You

If there's ever a day to prank someone, it's April 1st. These prank ideas are pretty great, just hope you don't become a victim yourself.

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    New Mayonnaise Flavored Toothpaste!

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    Via Sandpanda

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    And This is What You Do With the Toothpaste

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    Now you have a fresh receptable for mayo!

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    This Irish Spring Deodorant Smells a Lot Like Philadelphia

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    Shouldn't Have Used All The Hot Water

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    Hmm, Breakfast Looks a Little Undercooked

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    Via dwimback
    Maybe because the egg is made of yogurt and half a peach?

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    This Orange Juice Needs More Orange Dye

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    Via mashable

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    Who Knew Mayonnaise Had So Many Uses?

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    Plastic Wrap Over Doorway > Plastic Wrap on Toilet

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    This Wax Lollipop Just Looks Too Good to Eat

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    Via h12c23w

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    Here's What to Do With That Easter Candy That's On Sale

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    And That's Why You Always Leave a Note!

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    Via giphy

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    What a Lovely Surprise!

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    Via 9fail

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    Hopefully They have Good Enough Hygiene to Notice This One

    Cheezburger Image 8763338496
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    Via thebobstu

  • 14

    But...But... Global Warming!

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  • 15

    Made You Some Fresh Brown Es

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  • 16

    Go Ahead, Cut the Cake!

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    Something Tastes a Little off About This Bread

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    Via Horacioo
    Maybe because it's microwaved soap...

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    That's Some Premeditated Evil

    Cheezburger Image 8763340544
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    This one might be the winner.
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