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You Can Now Send Your Mate a Personalized Valentine's Day Video Call From Baby Alpaca

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    Few days ago,the team at JW Marriott El Convento Cusco hotel in Peru announced that it would be delivering “alpaca-grams” to few lucky individuals on Valentine’s Day.

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    An alpaca-gram is a personalized Valentine's Day video call from the hotel's baby alpaca buddy, Panchita.

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    Panchita and her older brother Panchito visit the hotel daily with their humans to say hello to guests and pose for selfies.

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    This sweet little cupid will be making video calls all day to love birds around the world to wish them well.

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    Anyone who's interested in getting surprise call from Panchita can simply enter their information on the website www.lovepanchita.com and specify which person in their life they'd like to send the gram to—significant other, parents, or even just a friend in need of a good laugh. Since Panchita has a packed schedule, she won't be able to make every call. Alpaca-gram recipients will be selected at random.


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