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Terminally Ill Woman Will Fulfill Her Bucket List Wish And Marry Her Dog For Charity

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    When a doctor told Lilly Smartelli lung disease would cut her life short, she realized she may never have the big Italian wedding she always dreamed about.

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    While she traveled, worked as a nurse, and even donated a kidney to a friend, she never found the man of her dreams.

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    Then, she realized the man of her dreams wasn't actually a man at all! Her faithful companion, Bernie the resuce dog, was the only guy she knew she could always count on and who loved her unconditionally.

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     She started dreaming up fanciful wedding scenarios where Bernie stood in for the groom.

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    Her imaginative wedding visions inspired The $5 Dog Wedding project

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    This heartwarming book is about life, love, and true friendship. While the book wedding stories are imaginary, Lilly hopes Bernie will stand in as the groom in a real wedding celebration soon!

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    The animal lover first met her groom in October 2011 at a pet adoption event and was entranced by his eyes that were “so deep and philosophical looking.”

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    "I wasn't supposed to get a dog, but there was something about him that said, 'Please help me!' "

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    While Smartelli would like to have this wedding for herself, its main purpose would be to benefit others — specifically organ donors and animal rescue founders.

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