20 Cringeworthy Times Meetings Descended Into Extreme Awkwardness

  • 1
    Text - So today I am on an online conference call with a cute sounding girl. So I googled her name out of curiosity I forgot I was sharing my screen with her.
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  • 2
    Text - Locked out of work, while everyone is in a meeting. This would only happen to me.
  • 3
    Text - airesrigh Iwas on a conference call with my client and googled Thow to Iimpress clients in spite of.doing abad job at the given projed Forgot that screen sharing was ON ATI
  • 4
    Still life photography - Thad a boner in a meeting and I had to stand u..what a day
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  • 5
    Food - Abutton on my shirt popped during a meeting Iwas leading today The room had only twoother women, and the rest were men.
  • 6
    Facial expression - Whenlfirst started my fbthe VPasked me th ameeting how my beeth were so white and accidentally said because lm oral about my anal hygiene Whoops, mixed thacup Tlk about embarrassing! II
  • 7
    T-shirt - You keep using thai word .1 do noahink it ncans st yOu think it means I used the word "renege" in a meeting and my boss told me not to be racist.... PIRINGES BRIDE
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  • 8
    Text - Imat work on a conference call Im making fart nolses and no one knows who it is.Im almost 30
  • 9
    Facial expression - At a work meeting they were diseussing diseussing erecile dysfunction meds and the older lady next tome mumbles, Screwwhoever inyerted those,Idontwantthat anymore. Hahaha
  • 10
    Suit - had ripped my pants while siecing in a meeting withmy boss and forgot Iwas going commando. #bosssawmyjunk
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  • 11
    Text - Ispaced out duringa meeling and whenlsnapped out ofitl realized had been staring at my boss's crotch He noticed
  • 12
    Cat - Today at work, yawned at the exact moment when the business head looked at me ina meeting.
  • 13
    Text - My boss told everyone that I was written up in a meeting today. I was there and I was mortified.
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  • 14
    Text - That awkward imoment when youre in a meeting and gour stomach decides to sOund like a dying whale.
  • 15
    Font - Oncelfarted duringa meeting and blamed Teon my boss
  • 16
    Office chair - That moment when you open up your laptopinanimportant meeting at work and Che porn From last night starts playing very loudly
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  • 17
    Text - I sharted myself today during a meeting AWKWARD
  • 18
    Text - have aroling computer bag for wark, wherelalsokeepa back-up vibrator for "emergencies. I aceldentaly hit the on button and the whole thing echoed ofF the floar during a meeting ST
  • 19
    Hair - Iwas having a serious meeting with my boss and Chen Ifarted Iwas so embarrassed
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  • 20
    Text - Thave this stress thing where I |pop a rubber band around my wrists... No one has ever really noticed, until I was sitting in a meeting today... And my boss pointed it out. Ugh.


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