Marketing FAIL of the Day: Vitamin Water Accidentally Puts "You Retard" Under a Bottlecap

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Via Gawker
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While out on a dinner date with his husband earlier this week, Blake Loates from Alberta, Canada was shocked to find the words "You Retard" printed on the cap of her VitaminWater bottle. Outraged, Loates' father Blake, whose youngest daughter has been living with cerebral palsy and autism, then sent off an angry letter to Coca-Cola's board of directors to demand answers, to which the company responded with an apology to the Loates and an explanation that makes the story even more bizarre and incredulous. According to CocaCola Canada's spokesperson, the unfortunate wording on the cap was an unintended byproduct of a promo campaign that involves pairing up a random English word with a random French word, which by chance happened to be "retard," meaning "late" or "delayed."

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