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Animals That Started From The Bottom But Are Now Living The American Dream



The Most Spoiled Dog In The World 

Can we get adopted too? 


Fiji: From The Streets Of Detroit To A Townhouse In Manhattan 

Now he may not look happy, but we're betting he's much happier in the townhouse than the streets of Detroit 


Take Notes, This Is How Lil Mochi The Rat Scored A Hooman Of His Own

Sounds like fate to us


This Horse Lives A Better Life Than Us 

This really does look like a scene out of a Barbie movie 


Miss Roscoe's Fairytale 

No toxic energy in this household 


Peanut Living The Dream

Again, can we get adopted too? 


Ferdinand, A 16 M/O Calf Living The American Dream 

Before everyone comes for OP, she did state that Ferdinand has a barn, pasture and cow friends


She's A Material Girl 

Absolutely precious. Nothing else to add. 



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