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This City In Mexico Provides Innovative Healthcare Services To Its Stray Dog Population

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    The city’s government is now implementing an initiative named “ComeDog”. This initiative combines government resources with citizen groups to ensure that dogs get everything they need.

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    Already, this initiative has placed 15 food dispensers around Soledad de Graciano Sanchez.

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    These are located in areas where dogs often go hungry. But now the animals will get free meals and water through PVC tubing.

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    And If this weren’t good enough, now roaming the streets of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez is an ambulance that only responds to stray animals in desperate need. This ambulance is called the Ambudog.

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    The Ambudog takes the stray dogs to a range of veterinarians that vaccinate, neuter and provide a range of life-saving services. And even better, the Ambudog even provides similar help to stray cats.

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    Some may question whether spending tax money on stray dogs is really a good idea. After all, governments have a duty to spend its citizens’ money on the most important services.

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    But there's plenty of evidence that the food dispensers and the Ambudog are providing services that can benefit all of the Mexican population. Stray dogs can be infected with diseases and pass these diseases to other animals and humans. The Ambudog's work will, therefore, make the Mexican population healthier. 

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    Soon, stray dogs and cats could become a thing of the past in this Mexican city and the entire country of Mexico itself.

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    Future services will work to ensure that these needy dogs are housed by the city's residents. Many other municipalities nearby Soledad de Graciano Sanchez have been taking note of the effectiveness of the initiative and are keen to implement it in their areas.


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