This Barbie's Instagram Page Mocks Every Stereotypical And Annoying Hipster Post We Know

  • 1

    Drove to the beach for the day to relax and Instagram. So blessed to have good cellphone service all the way out here.

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  • 2

    Walked to work this morning and stopped every couple of yards to take a picture of my feet in the leaves. I was only 15 minutes late.

  • 3

    If you need me I'll be spending the day relaxing in my hammock in the most absurd places.

  • 4

    Could I be any more authentic?!

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  • 5

    This is where I put an inspirational quote about change and new seasons in life or to tell you how much I LOVE FALL

  • 6

    I woke up like this

  • 7

    We took a break from technology this morning. It was only for like 10 minutes but it was exactly what we needed.

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  • 8

    Sometimes you gotta post your pictures upside down to get more likes.

  • 9

    Cuz holding your ice cream up to a wall turns it into art.

  • 10

    Just spending some quiet time drinking coffee and watching it rain.


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