21 Silly Pics That'll Take Your Mind Off The World's Problems

  • 1
    elon musk wearing helmet holding onto zipline alright Elon, this is called a 'zipline'. "and the humans, they enjoy this?" they enjoy it very much Elon "then I shall enjoy it as well"
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    Comic of medieval people opening and closing the gate New OPEN THE redditors GATE! Incoming CLOSE THE GATE! From Tumblr OPEN THE GATE The porn side of tumblr A LITTLE!
  • 3
    dolphin in water holding a buoy that says marry me and a woman kissing a man - wow so the poor dolphin proposes to her and instead she kisses another guy right in front of him... rude bitch MARRY ME
  • 4
    the grim reaper with google plus IS TIME TO GO. Was I a Good social media? G+ G+ IM TOLD YOU WERE literally shit NO. G+ *V
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  • 5
    strange about the johnsons disappointed face - when you're closing apps and accidentally close the music
  • 6
    Cartoon drawing of person in front of large crowd - Not all dogs are good boys Some are good girls
  • 7
    pie chart - Why I jerk off Because I actually want to Because I'm home alone, so why not?
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    two men shouting at each other - This meme should be side-by-side panels This meme is fine as it is! But side-by-side makes it look more like we're yelling at each other! But it's an odd number of panels! We'll just add a panel of you leaving! Muno abueio
  • 9
    pulp fiction assassin on phone I ain't eating that vegetable Parents: Here comes the airplane... 3 year olds: shit nearo. that's all vou had to sav
  • 10
    old man in blue banging blue drum with blur chairs behind him That one molecule of Serotonin trying to keep me going throughout the day
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  • 11
    man drinking from tiny white cup when the company that fired you starts fucking up tremendously
  • 12
    keanu reeves walking next to pitbull dog across bridge shaggy
  • 13
    shocked pikachu with mustache Steve Harvey: Asks sexually suggestive question on Family Feud* Contestant: *gives sexually suggestive answer* Steve Harvey:
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  • 14
    snapchat of dog sitting next to person at bus stop with paw on arm I was having a bad day and this dog walked to my bus stop, sat on the bench and asked me for pets
  • 15
    bald man talking into microphone If you think about it gorillas don't know any bodybuilding techniques so we've probably never seen one at full strength. 11/25/18, 12:33 AM
  • 16
    twitter message Hey guys my parents are out of town party at my house this weekend @LSPDPIO can't come tho 2 2 Lees Summit Police @LSPD.... 6h We are actually pretty cool people to hang out with. But we get it. If nothing illegal is going on and no one calls us, SMMT YEANS we won't come. But based off the number of likes/comments so far, it doesn't look like anyone else is going either... 97 11 52 DEPART
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  • 17
    kid riding homemade vehicle shooting gun My teacher ready to grade it "F as usual Me writing an essay FURTHERMORE
  • 18
    twitter post me: (counting on my fingers) bouncer: i just asked how old you are me: can you shut the fuck up for a second
  • 19
    whiteboard with writing quote of the week you cant go back and change the beginning but you can start here and change the ending c.s. lewis
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  • 20
    twitter post wife: there's someone at the door me: is it a penguin wife: what? me: [banging my fist on the table] is it a penguin wife: i don't [looks out window] holy shit it is me: [cocking shotgun] so it begins.
  • 21
    twitter post make parties more interesting by telling strangers "I want you to know that I personally have no problem with you being here"
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