'Doom' Multiplayer Mode Is Pretty Much an Amped up & Unadulterated 'Halo' in This New Game Trailer

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The 'Doom' franchise has long been hailed as the acclaimed forefather of the first person shooter. For quite some time games as established as 'Halo' were coined mere 'doom clones.' But after enough first person shooter gaming, the various communities deemed 'Doom' for what it's always been: the perfect final product of the FPS as a gaming category.

Or that this modernized rendition of 'Doom' (with the multiplayer option) is the undeniable, amped up badass older brother of 'Halo.' There's no getting around the fact that this trailer pushes the boundaries of screaming bloody madness.

As far as the cream of the multiplayer mode crop, 'freeze tag' stands out amongst the rest the pack. A mode of play, which involves two teams squared off in 'team deathmatch' like fashion, where every time anyone gets shot, they're essentially frozen thereafter. Only way a player can regain movement is to have a teammate post up next to them for a measured duration of time. Winning team simply enough is the team that freezes the entire other team.

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