Eye-Opening Twitter Thread About How Insane Our Brains Are Will Trip You Out

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    Text - foone @Foone 16h having your vision turn into a blurry mess every time you move your eyes is obviously not a good idea, so our brains hide it from us. Now, imagine you're an engineer and you have this problem. t 70 1,555 2 foone @Foone 16h You've got some obvious solutions you could do. 1. make the vision go black during movement. (Some VR games do this!) 2. just keep showing the last thing we saw prior to movement t52 2 1,360
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    Text - foone @Foone 16h both are good options with different downsides, but OH NO. this is assuming everything makes sense and is chronological and (regular) logical Your brain does neither of these options, really. t 45 1 1,321 foone @Foone 16h first, it basically puts your visual system on "pause". You're not seeing blackness or even nothing, you're just not seeing period. then when you finish your saccade, it shows you what you now see at the new position. and then it pretends it can time tra
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    Text - foone @Foone 16h it seriously shows you the image at the new point, but time-shifts it backwards so that it seems like you were seeing it the whole time your eyes were moving. And because your brain is not a computer with a consistent clock, this shit works. t 121 2,237 6 foone @Foone 16h you can see this effect happen if you watch an analog clock with a second hand. Look away (with just your eyes, not your head), then look back to the second hand. It'll seem like it takes longer than a s
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    Text - foone @Foone 15h what's important to the evolution of the visual system is any trick that helps you survive, no matter how "dumb" or "weird" it is. So if you want an accurate visual representation of what things look like? Use a camera. Not your eyes. 15 t 132 1,748 foone @Foone 15h in any case the original point was that while you might know this about your eyes being poor cameras that lie to you, you might still think that at least they're consistent, time-wise. they don't screw with yo
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    Text - L Instructions: Close one eye and focus the other on the appropriate letter (R for right or L for left). Place your eye a distance from the screen approximately equal to 3x the distance between the R and the L. Move your eye towards or away from the screen until you notice the other letter disappear. For example, close your right eye, look at the "L" with your left eye, and the "R" will disappear. t 775 3,149 42 foone @Foone 15h This is why laser damage your retina can be so insidious. Yo
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