Time to Start up Your Deathclaw Ranch With the New Wasteland Workshop Add-On for Fallout 4

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Yes indeed, it turns out the latest addition in what's quickly becoming an irritable string of incessant Fallout 4 add-ons allows players to capture, then pit monsters up against one another in a gladiatorial arena.

That's pretty much all there is to get amped about here though; and if we're being entirely honest, this should've been included as part of the original game! Kind of a dickish move on Beth's part to require us to download another DLC to build walls and roofs freed from the perils of having holes in 'em.

Plus, there's the whole Preston Garvey surviving bit...

Like, seriously, man? At least the Automatron add-on spawned strangely transfixing creations like this though:

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