LEGO Craftsmanship of the Day: Rivendell From 'Lord of the Rings' in 200,000 Pieces

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LEGO architects David Frank and Alice Finch teamed up to create this amazing masterpeice that lays out the elven outpost of Revendell from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The Brothers Brick recently interviewed the two builders on how the incredibly detailed structure came together.

The Brothers Brick: What did you struggle with the most?

Alice and David: One of the major challenges with this build was making the buildings truly fit into their setting. Usually when you design a building, you do just that — you do the structure first and then fit it into its setting. In this case, we did all the landscaping first, which involved some significant elevation change and quite a few waterfalls. And since it's on a total of 32 baseplates, we had to make sure that the joints were as invisible as possible — no small challenge when there are so many different elevations. (read more)

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