I Can Has Cheezburger?

7 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make From Things in Your House

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    Crinkle Sock


    Take a long sock that has lost its mate or is old, put a bottle inside it, tie, and presto, instant dog toy.

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    Rag Tug


    Have old shirts, towels or sweatshirts? Than you can make a rag tug! Simply cut whatever you have into strips, and then place a series of knots through the strips. You can ties strips together, braid them, whatever you can think of, there is no "wrong way" to make this toy.

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    DIY agility jump

    Give your dog extra exercise with this easy-to-make agility jump that can be set up in your backyard, or, if you're feeling brave, your living room. The important thing here is having a PVC pipe cutter — and knowing how to use one! — and carefully cutting each piece as instructed (the long white pipes, which will be the ground bar, need to measure 47 inches long). Follow the directions provided and you'll have leftovers for future projects.

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    Tennis ball Treat Dispenser


    This is a great way to make your own treat dispensing toy. Just slice open a tennis ball and fill with treats; couldn't be easier.

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    Interactive feeder toy

    Canidae - Save Dog Tipper DIY How to Make an Interactive Feeder Puzzle Toy for your Dogs #PAW2014 10 Woodland Wonder SWEET ANIMALS

    A PVC pipe is the main ingredient in this sturdy feeding toy created by Dog Tipper, which aims to keep your pooch busy by making him work for the treats inside. You'll need to be somewhat handy to drill holes into the pipe, which you can do best when the pipe is secured in a vise. Sand the rough edges of your holes with sandpaper and when all of them are smooth, put the pipe into the dishwasher for cleaning. Put PVC caps on each end of the pipe.

  • 6

    Muffin Tin Game

    Tennis ball

    Another great one for tennis balls, especially ones that have lost their bounce. All you need to do is put some treats in the muffin tin (not all the spaces), put the tennis balls over them, and you are done. To make it harder, cut tennis balls in half and place in tin.

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    Shirt Blanket

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    If you sew, you can use your old t-shirts to make your dog a blanket. Simply cut into squares, sew the blocks together and sew onto a piece of fleece or other fabric you have lying around. If you have enough old shirts, you could use them for both sides. Your dog will love that it smells like you.


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