Here Are Some of the Best Ways That People Are Celebrating National Send a Nude Day

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    Before You Share Watch This Weird and Unsettling PSA

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    Don't Worry If You Don't Get Any

    national nudes day - Cartoon - Brandon Bowen Follow @TheBrandonBowen who made this!!! #nationalsendanudeday NUDES

    It's just a holiday made up by the card companies anyway.

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    And Now It's Time to See Some Buns

    national nudes day - Food - Cinnabon@Cinnabon 1h Are you staring at my buns? #National SendAN udeDay
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    PUNS... We Meant to Say Puns

    national nudes day - Material property - Brains and Beauty@brainy beauty 6h #NationalSendANudeDay Alright ladies which nudes do you want? t97 133 HENUDES L.A. Girl Beauty Brick. $10.60 from 5+ stores (4) Maybelline The Expert Wear $9.25 from 10+ stores (14) Also available nearby NAKED ANPSAY a Too Faced -Tinted Beauty Balm. $34.00 Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette $54.00 from Macy's (8,490) from Too Faced Cosmetics (14) More style options
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    national nudes day - Face - Maiya Sykes @MaiyaSykes1 Follow #NationalSend ANudeDay Sounds like a set up but you catch these Dick pics. 8:14 AM - 19 May 2016
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    national nudes day - Chicken breast - wiseGEEK Gretel Armstrong @SugarGretel 3h 198 348 #NationalSendANudeDay here's a picture of my breasts
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    And Then Some "Legit Nudes" That Are Obviously Fake

    national nudes day - Cat - Laputyn @laputyn Follow #nationalsendanudeday legit nude of myself. this is 100% real no scams. 7:37 AM -19 May 2016

    Or at least a little photoshopped.

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    national nudes day - Mannequin - Max Geiger @MaxGeiger 7m welcome to #NationalSendANude Day
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    national nudes day
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    national nudes day - Shoulder - Kung-Fu Grip Swivel Hinge Wrists Cut Joint Ball Joint Neck Swivel Hinge Shoulders Hinge Elbows Swlvel Arm Battle Grip Ball Joint Midsection Swivel/Ball Joint Hips Hinge Knees Swivel Hinge Ankles Muns Goslem @2dAm Muslim 4h t 12 45 DMs are open ladies #NationalSendANudeDay
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    Just Remember It Can Be Pretty Risky to Put It All Out There Online

    national nudes day - Text - TheBloggess @TheBloggess 28m It can't be a coincidence that #NationalSendANude Day and #Badldeasln5Words are both trending at the same time.
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    So We'll Leave You With This

    national nudes day - Text - K£N Follow @KenMwendwa For those that participate in #NationalSendANudeDay


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