Square Enix Partners with Acclaimed Prosthetics Creator 'Open Bionics' to Create Version of Prosthetic Hand Adam Jensen Uses in Deus Ex

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Via Deus Ex
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Square Enix, Eidos Montreal, and Open Bionics released this promotional video, which showcases quite a bit of promising progress on their combined efforts to create a cybernetic hand just like the one Adam Jensen uses in Deus Ex

And, maybe the most excitingly Open Bionics plans to make the bionic hand open source, and available to download for anyone with a 3D printer. Plus, Open Bionics is in collaboration with Razer to create a finger-mapping system that will allow anyone else with all their working limbs intact, to still operate the hand remotely.

This builds off an earlier move by Konami, when the company built one fan a Metal Gear Solid-inspired prosthetic arm.

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