People Describe The Most Pretentious Weddings They've Attended

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    Text - Scott Wiecenski, Police Dispatcher (2002-present) Answered Apr 2 When I got married to my now ex-wife, her father, at the reception, stood up and made an announcement that he was giving us a $5000.00 check as a wedding present. I thought this was odd, because her parents were quite poor. He took the check from his pocket and made a big display of presenting it to us. I turned to my wife and said "Wow! That's really nice of him". My wife replied "He's not really giving us $5000.00. It's ju
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    Text - David Fulton-Howard, IT support specialist Updated Mar 29 My wife related the story of a cousin's wedding down in Dallas that occurred before we started dating. The bride was her cousin. Her uncle is a very successful builder of very very high end houses, so it was an... expensive wedding. She estimated around $70k. They rented out half the Dallas Aquarium for the reception. An amazing venue that many couples would probably be jealous of. The mother of the groom apparently complained that
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    Text - William Smith, works at Las Vegas Answered Wed I've answered this a while back when it was asked in another question but it's good enough to repeat. My ex from college pleaded with me to attend her wedding to some douche. I haven't talked to her for a while and didn't want to waste my time going to a wedding with people I don't care about Mutual acquaintances kept bugging for me to go because they are going.After my ex wrote me a long email detailing how much I meant to her life, I relent
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    Text - In any event, she married some rich guy from a nouveau riche family. They rented a dining hall in one of the nicest hotels in the area.Before the reception dinner started, the father of the groom gave the welcoming speech. The cringing started right away.He talked about how great his son is. How his son surprised him by buying him a Mercedes one year. How his son makes so much money as a medical professional. How his son graduated from a prestigious school. That's all nice and dandy... bu
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    Text - The father then asked if the hall was nice. Then he said it costed $50k to rent. Then he pointed to the centerpieces on the tables, said it costed whatever each. Then he said each person's dinner costed whatever it was. On and on. He rattled off the cost of each thing he spent, making sure we knew how much money he spent. It was done in a way like he was smug about how rich he was.
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    Text - 2. My husband's best friend since they were toddlers married this girl who hates all his friends and all of their significant others. She even made him switch out one of his good friends from the groomsmen party for her sister's boyfriend of a few months. Anyway, on the day of their over the top, overpriced wedding, my husband left first to be in the wedding party and I was to meet him there. When I walked up to the chapel, I was greeted at the door by my husband who was put on door/usher
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    Text - The dinner tasted like crap, as hotel catering food usually tastes, dry chicken and frozen vegetables.Then the groom and his entourage strolled around the hotel patio with a camera guy in tow, posing like kings of the world for photos. While the kings went on break to grab a drink, the camera guy, with a few bags dangling off his shoulders, walked over to me and started telling me how they are all friends, and everyone is a doctor or other professional and they're so cool. I asked the cam
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    Text - I left without saying anything else to the zombie. Went to say bye to my acquaintances, and left. Btw, after all that, they had a cash bar, not an open bar. Go figure. 7.5k views View Upvoters Upvote 39 Share OOo
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    Text - sitter for our two young children for the night. Uhhhh we were out at their wedding for the night... with a *ding ding ding sitter at home 3. The one that takes the cake is my cousin marrying my husband's other best friend from infancy (they obviously met because of us). I love them dearly, but they chose to have a destination wedding in Aruba. We couldn't afford to just jet off to Aruba and plus not only were our kids in school, but the exact week of the wedding, we had tenants moving ou
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    Text - Jaime Dolan Answered Fri Full disclosure, I absolutely loathe weddings. I always go, smile, dance and give generous gifts, but I just can't wrap my head around how much money people waste and how much drama is created for one day And if that wasn't bad enough, now it's the multiple expensive functions besides the wedding that people are expected to attend... for example, Bachelor/Bachelorette weekends in places like Vegas or NYC. Vineyard/party bus hopping. Bridal showers AND Jack & Jill'
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    Text - Chris Page Answered Thu Was asked to best the best man (the better man ) at the brother in law and sister in law's wedding a few years back. I helped out with any requests when it came to checking out food carterers, wine selections ( I even took them away to a Niagara Falls for a weekend to tour and try different wineries and wines). Planned and paid most of the way for the bachelors party (we did keep it respectable and low key) Come the wedding weekend, I hosted the entire Male wedding
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    Text - We get to the hall and overhear the bride and her mom talking about the bar particulars What was supposed to be a a reduced bar costs for the guests and free wine for every table, turned out to be full costs for all. Even the wedding party who was promised full no fee bar had to pay full price for drinks including regular pop. The biggest kick in the ass for the whole evening was when I went to get a bottle of water from the bar, buddy says that will be $2. I laughed, said good one and st
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    Text - I was so furious at this point the bottle of Scotch I had got the groom as a gift I ended up unwrapping myself and 3 of us guys in the wedding party killed the entire thing. I could not believe the odasity of some ppl. Turns out the bride is as bad as her mom for attitude and how she treats everyone around her. She is disliked by most ppl in our family and going by the new job she has every 6 months, disliked by her coworkers just as much or more. I will never be the best man a anyones we
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    Text - 1. When I started dating my now husband, his father had just suddenly gotten engaged to a (younger) woman after a few months of dating and less than a year after getting divorced from my mother in law. During their engagement, I got pregnant with my daughter and both my father in law and his wife-to-be said a lot of terrible things about me and stopped talking to me. My husband was asked to be in the wedding, which turned out to be a week before my due date. I planned on attending the wed
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    Text - stopped by a woman who said she had to check my name off of a list. I told her my name and she looked and looked and said she couldn't find it. I told her my husband was the best man and it was his father's wedding. I told her my husband's name and she turns the paper to show me. It said (Husband's Name) and Guest. Just then my husband walked out and explained to the woman and they let me in. I wasn't seated at my husband's table, I was seated at the very far end of the room with stranger
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    Text - groom and each member of the wedding party. Coming in dead last was my husband with a blurb like "(Husband's Name) friend of (Groom) "Well, at the reception, I promptly got plenty of drinks with all of my husband's REAL friends who were all seated far away from the Bride's friends and family. During the reception, the Groom (who I also knew since Muddle School), came up and told me my dress was in appropriate for his wedding. I was so taken aback because I am crazy modest and keep my figu
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    Text - Scott Wiecenski, Police Dispatcher (2002-present) Answered Apr 2 When I got married to my now ex-wife, her father, at the reception, stood up and made an announcement that he was giving us a $5000.00 check as a wedding present. I thought| this was odd, because her parents were quite poor. He took the check from his pocket and made a big display of presenting it to us. I turned to my wife and said "Wow! That's really nice of him". My wife replied "He's not really giving us $5000.00. It's j
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    Text - Sarah Hopper, studied at Different Places Answered Jul 8, 2018 I'll skip a lot of the details but my cousin's wedding was an utterly ridiculous hot mess from start to finish. The pretentious bit was when he deposited my aunt in her chair, went BACK UP the aisle in order to make a grand entrance. And he did, with the jacket of his tuxedo (worn at about two in the afternoon) pulled back, hands in the trouser-pockets doing a ridiculous runway-walk! The whole thing was tacky as tacky could ge
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    Text - Susan Williams, Managing Editor Answered Apr 10 I could fill multiple pages with the pretentiousness of some weddings I've been to in my life One bride, who wanted to get her picture into a society page in NY, despite being on the very fringes of that society, decided they would do it with an outdoor wedding with the bride, her attendants, and the two mothers all wearing white. Then, she requested that women attending not wear black. I wore navy and was very nearly ostracized because appa


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