I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet Broccoli, The Cheeky Little Kitty Who Gets a Pension From The Swiss Army

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    The frisky feline began prowling around the barracks in the base in 2004

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    As a bored house cat, she was looking for action – and she found it among all the young recruits, who were also a source of snacks between meals. The soldiers named her "Broccoli" after the tabby nibbled on a bite of the green vegetable. Though she had a home nearby, it seemed she couldn't get enough of army life. "It was awkward. She kept coming back – even at Christmastime, when there weren't that many people here to look out for her," recalls custodian Werner Holzer.

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    Her former owner was unable to prevent the free-roaming cat from visiting the barracks. So finally, the owner and the authorities at the base agreed that the green-eyed feline could stay.

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    Since Broccoli couldn’t live from mere table scraps, the soldiers set up a kitty to buy her cat food.

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    "She loves to eat," remarks Holzer, who shares an office with Broccoli. "And she's very clean quite curious, investigating every corner of the 60-hectare base". 

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    Now a 14-year-old senior, she’s showing her age somewhat.

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    "We notice that she's not as fit. For example, she doesn't jump straight down from tables – she needs a chair in between," Holzer notes. But she's still lively enough to make her rounds, stalking birds, greeting friends, and chasing off a local cat that she doesn't like". 

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    She doesn’t have a job, but she adds to the atmosphere

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    "A lot of the soldiers are away from home for the first time, and the days here can be long and tough. So it's relaxing to pet a cat," points out Holzer. Broccoli even has her own Facebook pageexternal link with more than 3,500 fans, and it was there that she earned the "Brigadier" ranking. 


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