A Guy's Bizarre Silicon Valley Job Interview Has An Awesome Twist Ending

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    job interview - Text - What is the weirdest question asked during a job interview? Bernard Lee Crawford, 2nd Tier IT Tech (2017-present) Updated 23h ago This occurred years ago and I will never forget it. It was at a time period, when located in the
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    job interview - Text - Silicon Valley in California, you would have to be interviewed by 423 employees to discern if you qualified for a job. What was more comical is you would be interviewed by people that in NO way were connected with the department you were attempting to gain employment in. Imagine you are a interviewing for a computer game company as an artist and you are interviewed by the warehouse shipping lead? No logic what so ever.
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    job interview - Text - I was attempting to get a job as a network administrator for a very large and well-known entity. I had passed four interviews and was lucky enough to move onto the next. My next interviewer happens to be a woman that I am informed works as an admin and I have no idea why she is interviewing me.
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    job interview - Text - She sits down and introduces herself and appears pleasant. The first question she asks is "If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why's it still #2?". I am taken aback. I reply "Because a number one pencil writes darker than a number two?" She just looks at me. She asks "What's does it REALLY hurt to hit your funny bone?" I answered " Because there is no bone covering or protecting the nerves at that location, so you are really making direct contact with nerves." I am think
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    job interview - Text - She then asks "Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?". I answered "The hands could have been named anything they wanted" I said "If the third hand measures seconds why can it not be the third on the watch if it was designed to do so." At this point I had had enough. I asked her what is with all the ridiculous questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what I am interviewing for?
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    job interview - Text - The door opens at that moment and another woman comes in and asks the person interviewing me to leave. The person that had been asking me questions says to the other "I like him, he is pretty sharp!" and she leaves the room
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    job interview - Text - I am now informed by the person that is sitting down that she is the interviewer I was supposed to have been speaking to. I asked whom the person was that was just asking me a series of strange questions. She said "That was my secretary, Betty. I told her to come in here and see if you needed anything such as water since I was going to be a few minutes late."


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