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Dozens of Cute Cats and Kittens

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    Hello World - The Sun is Shining

    Cute cats - kitten with his hands in the air on a person's lap

    If you have ever played peekaboo with your pet, or a baby, then you know there are few things cuter and heart warming. Especially since they both equally react with surprise and delight. And just like kittens that become cats and stop caring about our existence, kids grow up and start demanding money and writing books about how tough their childhood was in upper-middle class suburbia #firstworldproblems

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    Cute Russian Blue Cat

    Cute cats - Russian Blue cat cute when sleeping

    One of the cutest cat breeds around is the Russian Blue cat. They are a social and gentle breed, perfect for the smallest or largest family. They are loners, so don't be offended if they ignore your existence.

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    How Adorable is This Little Guy

    Cute cats - kitten holding a toy golf flag

    This little guy has conquored his realm and is making his claim to the thrown... With a toy golf flag can this kitten get any cuter?? He can if he plays the piano, and now I want a cat. 

  • 4

    Is This Not the Cutest Kitten You Have Ever Seen?

    Cute cats - kitten inside jeans pant leg

    Kittens are these wonderful innocent balls of fluff and fun. It's amazing how dogs can be puppies for life, but cats have such a short period of time when they are not complete divas and connoisseurs of chaos. Just like this wholesome cat, who was brought into the family especially because of his playful chaotic nature. 

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    Cute Birman Cat

    Cute cats - Birman cat lying down

    The Birman cat breed are the White Walkers of the cat world. Honestly I think the first one was just a kitten touched by the Night King, and there we got white cats with icy blue eyes. Despite their riveting origin story (totally fake), they are docile and great family cats, as playful as much as they enjoy lounging. Just make sure to take them to pet dentist because they are known for having teeth issues and diseases.

  • 6

    Precious Kitten is Trying to Join in On The Festivities

    Cute cats - kitten with a santa hat falling off his head

    Anyone else want to give the little guy some eggnog too? Don't. Keep anything human processed or intended far away from your furry friend, it will do them no good. Plus how could you not make this little treasure treats for the holidays made for cats? The least you could do is make him a nice cat-friendly tuna melt. That would be a Merry Christmas for him indeed. 

  • 7

    Has This Cat Found its Zen Place?

    Cute cats - Japanese cat smiling on bed

    This cat has reached a higher level of existence... Or had way too much catnip. The Japanese love cats. I'll say it again, the Japanese LOVE cats. They are in around and on everything, whether its in anime characters, Hello Kitty, cat cafes, art dating back to the Edo period, even an Island with more cats than people. Or  maybe the best example is simply this adorable cat who has seemingly found enlightenment. Like his Nippon brethren, this cat seems in a place of quiet contentment and happiness, one we could all use at one time or another. Maybe if we give him some fish, he'll teach us his ways.

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  • 8

    Do You Think This Cat Wins the Cutest Contest?

    Cute cats - kitten sits in hallway

    This little one is wondering where you stashed all the milk and catnip, he needs to grow big and strong and live a little. But before he does that we can at least acknowledge that this kitten is pure innocence. But that's how they always are until they grow up. I wonder if he'll hold the catnip comment against me when he's older. But if you ever wondered how they can always land so perfectly without harm, and stay as cute as ever, now you will have your answer.

  • 9

    You've Seen Nyan Cat - Say Hello to Sushi Cat

    Cute cats - cat dressed up as a sushi roll with tamago

    Why is it we have never seen cats going after sushi? It must be the cucumber, there is definitely something about cucumber that cats (and myself) detest about cucumbers, but I think it has everything to do with the taste, and nothing to do with spacial awareness for animals when they eat. But that is me. It seems like a one-off wacky idea, but apparently not only do people love dressing their cats as food, its actually a thing to take pictures of cats looking like sushi. Remember what I said about the Japanese? Yeah they have way too much free time if they are coming up with things like this. 

  • 10

    Poll - This Kitten Rules All Other Cute Things

    Cute cats - Kitten upside down

    Q: Wanna hear a bad cat joke?

    A: Just kitten! It's worse

    But as you are recovering from that face-palm of a joke, you have to recognize that kittens are our salvation. They will be the ones to purify us and prepare us for the coming Messiah, and all that jazz. Have you ever seen your cat knead you or another cat like dough? The answers might surprise you. 

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  • 11

    Who Wore it Better? This Cat or Two-Face?

    Cute cats - two-toned color cat

    If I hadn't checked it myself I would say this is just a really good Photoshop job. You're thinking, there's no way the cat's face is split down the middle like that? Is there? Well you'd be wrong, because this cat is 100% real. And there are even some other chimera cat examples, though this cat is definitely my favorite. 

    This specific mutation is extremely rare, to the point that toy companies have used her likeness to create plushies so children worldwide can enjoy snuggling with her. Someone page the Japanese, we have their new star. 

  • 12

    Adorable Cat Grows Up With His Toy

    Cute cats - kitten holding toy and still holds it years later

    We all had a favorite toy growing up. Whether it was an action figure, that slingshot our cousin gave us in secret when the adults weren't around, or just a stuffed animal that has been with us through the best and worst times. Well funnily enough, pets are no exception, and we know how attached they can get to things they like. I'm not sure we knew just how much after looking at how much some of these animals love their toys.

  • 13

    Cute Cat With a Heart On Its Chest

    Cute cats - two cats one with its tongue out with a heart shaped pattern on chest

    Now this cat just personifies that goofy friend who no matter how hard you try to take a good picture with, they just have to mess it up. You don't have to replicate this cat sitting like a Drill Sergeant watching a parade ground. And if you thought this pattern was cool you won't believe what genetics and cross-breeding has led to for cats and their fur.

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  • 14

    This Cat Has Better Spirit Fingers Than Any Of You

    Cute cats - kitten with his hands in the air

    This kitten is a pro, I want him on my dance crew the second I learn how to dance. In the meantime I can laud and appreciate his natural talent for cute dance moves. Next step is to teach him to wave pompoms. But good luck teaching him aerial stunts. He'll always land, but he won't be happy about it. But this pole-dancing kitten might give this cheerleader to be a run for her money.

  • 15

    This Kitten's Smile Can Warm Even the Night King's Heart

    Cute cats - kitten with a huge grin

    This kitten has more wholesome goodness in that smile than in the entire US Government combined, despite that not saying much, that's a lot of people so it's definitely significant. But these adorable kittens might just give our little star a run for his money for who is the cutest. 

  • 16

    These Adorable Kittens Are Ready to Snuggle

    Cute cats - two sleepy kittens in their bed

    These little guys just woke up or are about to head to a cat nap, and boy would I like to join them. Nothing says leisurely lifestyle like being fed when you want, sleeping whenever wherever and however you want, and most of all, get away with it. But if you are still struggling to shake off the cobwebs and you are still struggling to find the motivation to get going, these adorable kittens should give you the boost you're looking for. 

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  • 17

    Celebrity Cats are Felines Too

    Cute cats - Taylor Swift Has Famous Cats

    Not only are cats adorable, their famous owners can make them more popular on social media than you could ever hope to be, even if you paid for followers, these frolicking felines owned by stars including Martha Stewart, Robert Downey Junior, and even Cee Lo Green. Olivia Branson, one of two cats owned by Taylor Swift, is probably the most skilled of the lot, as exhibited by her Pilates and flexibility course she offers on Twitch (she doesn't), as you can see from the picture.

  • 18

    Cuddling Cats Are Too Cute

    Cute cats - cats cuddling together

    I think that animals that emote actions associated with humans is the most adorable thing. Almost as much as the dogs that can ride a skateboard, that is absolutely hilarious. But did you know that the French don't care for cute cats? They'd prefer to talk about politics, French stereotypes and culinary prowess, than look at adorable cat pictures... I don't get it.

  • 19

    This Cat Celebrated 4/20 For Sure

    Cute cats - Cat dressed with dreads and sunglasses

    This cat is the next Reggae act you haven't heard of (and won't). Very soon we'll be hearing him on tracks like "I Can't Keep My Eyes On You, You Bore Me", or the classic "4/20 Right Meow". But before he goes and does that, he should get himself in the right state of mind, and if you've ever wondered how cats unwind, this will give you a good idea.

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  • 20

    This One is Another in the Running For Cutest Ever

    Cute cats - Kitten that looks like tiger upside down

    This little tiger cub looks exactly like a Beanie Baby, but I am really not sure who is cuter. Though the real life version might just take the cake for his posing.

  • 21

    Im Melting - I Need This Kitten In My Life

    Cute cats - tiny kitten looks forlorn

    If men had ovaries I would be ovulating right about now. This little mush is everything that we love in kittens all in one picture. Timid, adorable, tiny, and very confused about the world around him. It won't grow into a dire wolf, but I bet he would protect me with his cuteness. What robber could resist such an adorable tiny face? If you're having a rough start to the day, some of the cutest kittens the internet has come up with should get you back on the right track.

  • 22

    Look At That Face - How Could You Say No ?

    Cute cats - two cute cats staring in the same direction from an enclosure

    If there is one thing cats can do just as well, if not better than dogs, it is the begging face. No matter how derpy your doggo is when he is begging for something, cat's are just built to be cuter when they want something, which is unfortunate because the cat's real personality is cold and indifferent the second you can't or won't give it what it wants. Meanwhile the dog is too dumb to know the difference and will eat a rock if you do a good enough job convincing him it's food. http://www.awesomelycute.com/2015/04/25-of-the-cutest-kittens-ever/

    Luckily Instagram and other social media platforms exist, that way we can see some of the cutest cats on the internet in all their glory, from the comfort of our laptop/desktop/smartphone/smartwatch/insert other device here. Who needs the real thing when a digital copy is available whenever you want, sans the need to take care of it and clean up after it. Sounds like a great deal to me.

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  • 23

    This Derpy Tiger is Truly Adorable - In His Own Way

    Cute cats - Kenny the inbred white tiger

    Kenny is about as goofy looking as you would imagine. But interestingly this condition comes from forced inbreeding and a shallow gene pool, which in the case of tigers and many other animals leads to a high frequency of health defects and mutations due to the lack of occurrence of natural selection. But somehow there is an adorable aspect to his sad reality. I'd adopt him, he wouldn't know he's supposed to eat me. Now that's a hulky house cat.

  • 24

    Bye Bye Now, The Feline Fun Brigade is Taking a Nap

    Cute cats - White kitten waving goodbye

    That's all for now, we've run out of the cutest cats and kittens we can find, tune in next week or satisfy yourself in the meantime with some adorable kittens who are just waiting to be paid attention to.


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