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Why Are Cats Cute?

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    Cat Reading Sarcasm Guide

    Cute cats - cat reading a book sitting like a human

    Cats can be found in some of the strangest, and most "un-animal" like poses, almost like a human. This cat and his apparent understanding of English and reading is just one example of such behavior. 

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    Cat in a Dish

    Cute cats - cat stuck in a glass dish

    Cat's have a knack for shoving themselves into random small containers, and I have always wondered whether it is them showing off, a bondage fetish, or simply them not understanding the concept of spatial awareness. Whatever the case, it is one of Cat's highlights when they find themselves in a far too small space and need to extricate themselves.

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    Cats Sometimes Resemble Other Objects

    Cute cats - Kitten looks like two kiwis beside it

    One more reason for us to adore cats, is their ability, especially as kittens, to resemble other things. This kitten could be a stand in for your uncle's toupee. The possibilities are endless.

  • 4

    Cat Being Used As A Toilet Paper Rack

    Cute cats - Cat with toilet paper on its legs

    Sometimes our cats can have multiple uses. Besides a terrible alarm clock, they can be great for DIY replacements for various household items, like a toilet paper holder, for one. As long as you don't use the cat as a mop, I think you can avoid PETA making a house call. 

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  • 5

    Cat trying to get through the work week

    Cute cats - tired cat lying on keyboard

    We aren't the only creatures fighting to reach the weekend with our nose to the grindstone. This cat has clearly hit a plateau and needs our help to get over Humpday and through Thursday onward to the blissful weekend.

  • 6

    This Cat Thinks He's A Bat

    Cute cats - cat thinks its a bat

    Some animals have the spirit of other species, despite being born something very different. This cat is clearly the reincarnation of Dracula, and has taken it upon itself to make a drastic lifestyle change. But who are we to judge, all the more chance to laugh at this confused cat.

  • 7

    I'm Not Sure You Were Supposed to Put Up the Cat Like an Ornament

    Cute cats - cat stuck on top of Christmas is free

    I'm not sure what this family had in mind, but I think the Christmas decorations were perfect without putting the cat on top to accompany the star. And I'm pretty sure the cat doesn't appreciate it much either, though heights shouldn't bother him much.

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  • 8

    This Cat Looks Delicious

    Cute cats - cat dressed as a hamburger

    Let's be honest, we dress up our pets for our own entertainment. It is definitely not for their benefit, and if you don't agree with me, ask your cat if he wants to wear that sweater that turns him into a hairy blimp.

  • 9

    Cat Drinking Beer Watching TV on the Couch

    Cute cats - Cat sitting on couch drinking beer

    Sometimes you just need to kick back and relax, and this cat is definitely channeling that need, so we should do what we can to live vicariously through his actions, at last until we can do so on our own.

  • 10

    This Cat Is Very Ambitious

    Cute cats - cat wants to be a space pilot

    Ever dream you were some amazing important person as a kid, and played by yourself or with a friend to reenact their lives? Well this cat definitely knows what I'm talking about, because he is about to be the next NASA astronaut going up to them moon. I mean, they have to test out SpaceX, don't they?

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  • 11

    Cat Stuck in Plastic Case of Water

    Cute cats - cat stuck in plastic bottle case

    Why are cats cute? Because despite their seeming intelligence, especially when compared to our dopey doggos, we expect a certain level of awareness and a thought process to their actions. And then we have reality, which is that cats, with their flexibility and desire to place themselves in the most compromised positions imaginable, do so for no reason then in order to stuff themselves into a space far too small for themselves. It serves no purpose.

  • 12

    Cats Trying New Things Are Way Too Cute

    Cute cats - Cat trying to eat fruit

    Few things are as cute as animals trying to figure out their way through human food. Those thumbs do come in handy for push pops though.... Regardless, this cat's curiosity is just one example of what we love about cats. Their incessant curiosity from everything, from the time they are kittens until they are old fat and lazy on the windowsill. I'm still waiting to see the cat that will eat a cucumber though, their reactions I think are a bit too extreme to allow for it, but I'll hold out hope their is a brave cat willing to attack their most-hated enemy.

  • 13

    Most Of All, Cats Are Cute Because Who Could Say No To This Face

    Cute cats - Kitten in a pile of marshmallows waving

    I have been a dog person my entire life, but I have to say, this kitten and a few others I've seen are making it really difficult to dislike cats... If only they could stay innocent and kittens forever... 


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