Guy's Private Detective Job Takes A Turn Down Sketchy Avenue

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    Text - What are some red flags of a new job that scream "Quit immediately!"? Dandy McCoogan, former Bar / Dive / Saloon Worker (1979-2009) Answered Mar 28 Oh man this brought back memories! I once had a job in my twenties as a "private detective" I was too dumb to really catch on that we were absolutely untrained and unlicensed to do anything. It felt too easy when I called the number in the ad and was hired over the phone after a short conversation. The only requirement seemed to be that I had
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    Text - I show up the very next day. There's no paperwork involved. I think the guy looked at my drivers license. I was handed a pair of handcuffs, a police style radio, a badge that said "detective" on it, a journal and pen, a camera and a gun. I was cautioned to keep the gun in my car and never use it. My first job was that day. I followed a guy around for a few hours and filled out the journal. I took a few pictures of the guy going into a hotel with a woman, wrote down everything I could thin
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    Text - Meanwhile, back at the office... my boss called me into the conference room. The other two agents gathered around. We did this at the end of every shift. I took about thirty minutes to review everything, they asked questions, supplemented my notes a little, complimented me, and gave me some feedback. I was handed $200 cash!!!! That was a crap-ton of money for me back then, especially tax free, and for basically doing nothing for eight hours.
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    Text - So, from the second I called the number in the ad and got such a positive response there were tons of red flags screaming I should quit, but didn't. I worked that job for only a few months but had so much fun doing it. I could write a short book on it. It all ended when the guy got arrested. I went to work one day and it was locked up. I called one of the other agents, a young girl that was always there and was more of an office manager. She told me what happened, he was blackmailing the


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