The Zodiac Signs As Cringey Neckbeards

  • 1
    skinny white topless guy with glasses wearing kilt and holding sword in the snow
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  • 2
    teenage boy wearing red black and white anime shirt with jacket, hat, sunglasses, smoking vape and holding sword in belt
  • 3
    teenage boy wearing purple dress shirt, vest, cowboy hat and fingerless punching gloves holding hands ready for fighting someone
  • 4
    overweight guy in blue collared shirt holding sword above head
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  • 5
    2 panels first showing skinny white guy in red underwear lunging with two swords in hands other showing guy in women's sexy fox costume holding sword over shoulder
  • 6
    teenage boy leaning against shelf wearing choker necklace watch and black shirt
  • 7
    guy in black suit tilting hat holding long sword to the side
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  • 8
    teenage boy in brown shirt with mesh over his head holding sword with both hands
  • 9
    teenage boy wearing black leather jacket holding swirly electric device in each hand
  • 10
    overweight bald man with red neckbeard holding two guns pointing towards camera
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  • 11
    overweight teenage boy in green shirt holding flaming sword in backyard
  • 12
    teenage boy in black coat and hat holding machine gun


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