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Man Gets a Tattoo He Found On His Pup, Not Knowing It Means He's Neutered

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    This is Bear

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    Bear is Mendiola's rescue pup. Mendiola noticed that his beloved pup had a mark on his pelvic area.

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    The mark sickened him

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    Mendiola was sickened by the mark he found on Bear's pelvic region and believed it was given to him by his abusive previous owners. 

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    Symbol of love?

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    To show his love for his new pup, Mendiola tatted the same symbol onto his bicep, as a sign of solidarity. 

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    Little did he know...

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    Whoops! Turns out it's a pretty common tattoo on pups that simply means they were neutered.

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    Oh well! Makes for a funny story at least!

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    Mendiola claims he knew what the tattoo meant all along when talking to Buzzfeed, "we talked to our vet about the tattoo. I knew what it meant." But the internet is not convinced. 

    Mendiola added, "I get to carry my dog with me everywhere I go," he said. "I can just look down and know I have a part of him with me at all times."

    "A lot of people are saying 'I'd do anything for my pet,' but would you?" he asked. "Would you get a neutered sign tattooed on your bicep?"

    Regardless, he had good intentions and even though the tatt is a bit of a fail, it makes one hell of a story! 


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