Reason to Live of the Day: Godzilla Fans Make Gigantic Godzilla Out of Straw

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While Godzilla vs. the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz sounds like the shortest and most boring Godzilla movie ever, one passionate group of Godzilla fans want to even the score. 

This team put together a huge tribute to the fire-breathing lizard known mostly for leveling Japanese cities and expressing post-World War II nuclear anxiety. Built from rice straw by over 150 volunteers, straw Godzilla doesn’t serve as the metaphor for nuclear destruction that its inspiration does, but it is really cool and took about four months to complete. It even has LED eyes, which makes it scary but not as scary as a giant lizard knocking over buildings and reminding us all of the awesome power of nuclear weapons.

Anywho, this Godzilla could totally take the Scarecrow, who serves more as a metaphor for the 19th century American farm worker than nuclear technology. Straw Godzilla just has a major height advantage — plus those cool LED eyes!


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