Lady Gets Kicked off Facebook for BRILLIANT Reponses to an Unwanted Dick Pic

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    Dish - < Q Search Amazing food & the staff is so friendly! Definitely recommend. The Good Food Place Fast food restaurant 292 Likes ILike Comment Share Jo Reid and 2 others James O'Leary Hi Samantha, check my facebook dm please I would like to know your opinion. Like Danly Iaret now
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    "A Taste of His Own Medicine"

    Glove - ooo 02-UK 1:38 am 91% James Home Active now I think mine is bigger... lein Wtf Type a message... Aa GIF

    "I decided to mess with him and call him out on his ridiculous behaviour and double standards. To my delight, he was suckered into my debate!"

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    A Compliment on Her Eyes, Nice Touch

    Nose - .ooo O2-UK 1:38 am 91% James Home Active now James You and James aren't connected on Facebook Lives in Miami, Florida 1:09 AM Неу You have pretty eyes You accepted James's request. Type a message... Аa GIF (:)

    ***That's James's penis

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    Product - o00 02-UK 91% 1:39 am Home Active now Also -get that weird bump checked out dude. That doesn't look good. Why the nasty like that? are you was nice with u Type a message... Aa GIF O00
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    Just Being Nice

    Text - ooo 02-UK 1:39 am 91% James Home Active now So I'm being nice too! Isn't sending unsolicited dick pics nice?! ASHRED Type a message... Aa GIF
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    Text - o00 02-UK 92% 1:40 am Home Messenger I don't give a shit and you're crazy I'm crazy?!! Why?! For sending strangers on the pics to Internet?! ude! Pot, kettle, black!! And you will never be able to one of those anyways lol I don't want one of those"!! Type a message... Aa GIF
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    Product - ooo 02-UK 1 100% 2:22 am James Home Messenger See? It's smaller than yours!! You're welcome!!! в h k yourself Go f #ByeFelipe What felipe? Type a message... Аа GIF
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    Text - Samantha Mawdsley @Princess_Sassy Follow Ugh, I'm back! FB banned me for my post about the #NoMoreDickPics post explaining why sexual harassment is wrong. oo 02-UK 8:11 am 100% Log out Samantha Mawdsley So at the time of writing, my album "No more d*ck picks" has had 550 shares in 12 hours. Every person on Facebook has an average of 336 users, so that's over 180,000 people worldwide who have seen that sending unsolicited photos of your genital regions is not a good idea. I have also been
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    Text - Samantha Mawdsley@Princess_Sassy Jun 17 Beyond happy that @Facebook reactivated my account! Let's hope we can all now come together to discuss change!! #NoMoreDickPics


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