10+ People Describe The Biggest Flaws In The Human Body

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    Text - Thunderstarer 19h We're physiologically built to have sex with as many people as possible as soon as we hit puberty, but practically, socially, and psychologically, that's a really bad idea.
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    Text - BuckTribe 18h The Brain. If you don't treat it right; it can fuck you up. Having you believing you need something when you know it;s bad for you. Make you think horrible things and sometimes do horrible things. If you don't feed it positive information; you can grow up believing in evil, or ignorant things. And it controls everything.
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    Text - Vro9o00 19h The fact that 80% of people don't grow in their teeth straight, and also that it takes a year or more to correct.
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    Text - LuciferianMGTOW 19h S 1 Award Too many pain receptors on feet.
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    Text - placeholder777 19h Definitely motion sickness
  • 6
    Text - bobblegrop 18h 1 Award That we can bite the insides of our own cheeks. I'm sure plently of you know the pain of accidentally biting down on your cheek. Edit: Thanks whoever gave the award fam!
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    Text - SsVegito 19h S 1Award Teeth cannot repair themselves (I think?). If a bone can heal back together why the hell can't a tooth fill in a micro hole. In a natural state, teeth are pretty dam important.
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    Text - gereblueeyes 20h There are many. But, notably to me is how easily damaged the Knee joints and the Spine are. They next to impossible completely repair. Once damage they are never really right again.
  • 9
    Text - SJExit4 19h S 2 Awards You can control your bladder and sphincter. Why of why isn't there a mechanism to hold in your period?
  • 10
    Text - Canlhavefrieswththat 19h S 4 Awards Your brain replaying embarrassing moments over and over until you die
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    Text - tasty-chips-1000 19h S 1 Award Put all these comments together and the human body seems like it's all just a piece of junk
  • 12
    Text - naranjaspencer 18h S 2 Awards My personal greatest flaw in the human body has to be the immune system. Sure, I bet a lot of you have perfectly functional immune systems, but mine has decided my gastrointestinal tract is the enemy and must be eliminated at all costs. So basically whatever programming error led to my Crohn's disease, that's the biggest flaw.
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    Text - Only_Mortal 20h Getting tired and needing to sleep. I could have done so much shit if I hadn't had to sleep. Though really, I probably would have just still not done anything.
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  • 14
    Text - Chicobrohay 20h Cranial and neck structure. One wrong bump of the head and you can suffer serious injury or death
  • 15
    Text - whathappenedaustin 18h S 1 Award If I wipe the wrong direction I could get an infection that could spread to my kidneys and kill me
  • 16
    Text - goatsnsheeps 19h The brain should be better secured in the head. Rattling the brain inside the skull can mess a person up, so if it was more secure it would be safer.
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  • 17
    Text - cookiecuttertan1010 17h A quick tap to the testicles renders a man useless for at least a solid 5 minutes.
  • 18
    Text - Hullabalooga 19h Over-storing fat. I mean, I get hanging onto 20 pounds of the stuff just in case you need to tap into that energy - but at 50, 100, 300 pounds our bodies are still like "well better still stock up, you never know if we'll find any food this upcoming year"
  • 19
    Text - ShredderNL 20h That something as important as the brain can stop functioning properly because of chemical imbalances.
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    Text - not_mrsrobinson 19h Periods. Most other animals who have a menstruation cycle, or something like it, reabsorb the uterine lining rather than shedding it out and causing woman to suffer from painful bleeding out of their vaginas for 5-6 days once a month.
  • 21
    Text - hellsimulator 19h Not being able to hold our breath long (quick oxygen usage)
  • 22
    Text - bettercallsaul910 20h How fragile the brain is.
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  • 23
    Text - kyogrebattle 20h Ears being so fragile and irreparable.
  • 24
    Text - Ovenbakedgoodness90 19h S 1 Award Food hole. Breathing hole Squids have it worse, food passes through their brains. But then again I have never heard of a squid choking to death on a bite of bruschetta
  • 25
    Text - tmeera 19h 3 1 Award How close the food pipe and wind pipe are.
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  • 26
    Text - W_Mammoth - 19h Allergies, or said another way, your immune system flipping the fuck out because you bumped into a peanut, dust mite, shrimp, cat, etc...
  • 27
    Text - PostltFrustrations 19h Tumors. Organ ruptures caused by typical functions going wrong. Many things about pregnancy. Periods and ovarian cysts. Also, for women, that the urethra is so short and so close to the vagina and anus.


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