Shot of the Day: See This Harlem Globetrotter Nail a 538-Foot High Trick Shot

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For Harlem Globetrotter Buckets Blakes, everyday is World Trick Shot Day. But for the rest of us, only December 6 is.

So in honor of America’s favorite holiday, World Trick Shot Day, Buckets went to the Tower of the America in San Antonio, Texas to show us the true meaning of the holiday. It’s the highest shot ever in North America, and as he says, he goes to the top of the tower to “knock it down.”

Buckets takes an elevator to the top of the 58-story building and has to be strapped in via harness to keep from falling. Without much thought, he simply says, “World Trick Shot Day, baby. Let’s get buckets” and swish.

It’s amazing, disorienting, and sure to raise the World Trick Shot Day spirit in all of us.

In honor of World Trick Shot Day, here are some trick shot gifs to waste time with. 


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