Website of the Day: Google Takes You on a Digital Walk Through New York’s Window Wonderland

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With less than 20 days until Christmas, people are flooding 5th Avenue in New York to get a glimpse at their legendary holiday window displays.

It happens every year, and every year you have to push through a warm tourists screaming at each other. It's as if these families don't actually want to come to this thing because they spend the whole time screaming at each other. It's very unpleasant. Thankfully, like most things, technology is here to save us from spending time with other people.

You don’t want this to happen again, do you?


Of course not, which is why Google came up with Window Wonderland.

With Window Wonderland, Google allows you to take a virtual tour through the window displays. Finally, you have the chance to actually enjoy the streets of New York without getting splashed with mud by a passing cab. You can choose the experience, either let your mouse do the walking or put your phone three inches from your face and enjoy the VR experience. You can check out the South Park characters at Barney's or the dolls over at the American Girl store. It's really however you like celebrating the holidays. 


via Window Wonderland

Check it out and be more like dat boy becuase of it:


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