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Australian Man Pleads Guilty to Facebook Harassment, Faces 3 Years in Prison

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    Chris Hall Posted the Original Thread

    Face - Vodafone AU 10:06 am Chris Hall Done 1 hr near Sutherland Stay classy ladies m surprised she'd still be hungry for lunch Share Sarah George and 19 others like this. Maddie Bradley Hahahahahah wow definition of classy 1-1 hr Joshua-deane Crockett Haha. I saw that one. 1 1 hr David Stainer This is why I worry about having a daughter. Haha. 3 1 hr Manell Abdallah Chahoud Wow what a hottie haha 1 1h Olivia, 23 Brent Campbell Haha it's drakes lyrics from the song "only" still a gruby bitch tho
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    "It's just a song lyric" --- Don't you know Nicki Minaj, people?

    Text - Mariko Takedomi Lol one of his friends just tried to add me. I'l be avoiding you like the plague mate. Unlike Reply 5 2 hrs Daniel Stafford just gonna put this out there, regardless what you meant by the sentence Olivia, it will be interpreted how ever people want, also once you load something to the Internet any form of ownership is null there for if some one feels like doing something with a profile pic/ tinder pic they are free too so so..but feels like you are just out for a troll if
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    The "calvary" should have stayed far away

    Text - Zane Alchin Friends with Sarah George and 3 others Chris Hall brother the Calvary has arrived Like Reply 5-1 hr Zane Alchin Friends with Dahna Shaxson and 3 others You know the best thing about a feminist they don't get any action so when you rape them it feels 100 times tighter Like Reply 1 hr Sarah George Zane Like Reply 7-1 hr X Sarah George Ru actually sure Like Reply6 1 hr Zane Aichin Friends with Madelyn Bayer and 3 others Sure as hell I wouldn't let these cunts taste their own shit
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    Zane ended up writing more than 50 posts on the thread.

    Text - Zane Alchin Hold up lovelies lets just take a recap here so some skuppa writes something slutty on tinder the blows up because she gets shamed about it? Please you cunts deserve to be taken back to the 50s were you will learn to know your role and shut your damn mouth Like Reply 48 mins Zane Alchin It's people like you who make it clear women should never have been given rights Like Reply-47 mins Zane Alchin If anything youve proven the only thing good a women's mouth is useful for is to
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    This week he changed his plea from "not guilty" to "guilty" on the first day of his trial. If convicted, the crime of "making online sexual threats" could land Zane behind bars for three years.

    Photography - f Sexual Violence Won't Be Slenced on Sunday Zane Alchin has today plead guilty to using a carriage service to menace, harass, or cause offence, and is due to be sentenced on July 29. We're extremely pleased that Mr Alchin has plead guilty, despite previous indications he wouldn't. This result demonstrates that there is a precedent in Australian law that says this behaviour is unacceptable. It means that harassing women online is not only legally reprehensible, but socially and mor

    The FB group Olivia and friends started posted this update on Sunday.


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