27 Dumb and Amusing Moments That Are Technically Right

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    reddit post You are about to go deaf in 24 hours, what's the last thing you would want to hear? Discussion Share 1.0k 393 BEST COMMENTS bureika 6h "We've found a cure for your imminent deafness." Reply 2.7k
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    keanu reeves reading from paper in white room What is your secret for always staying down-to-Earth? Feep Well,I mean, gravity
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    twitter post If you die in the same Hospital in which you were Born, Your Average Velocity will be Zero 2:43 p.m.
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    trailer with projection of movie on its side and truck watching it This trucker is living in 2099 1, Share 3.3k 66 BEST COMMENTS Datboi_579 1h S 3 Awards He's watching a trailer 428 Reply
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    A dick pick

    white guitar pick with Dick printed on it
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    Text - Someone please quickly explain baby clothing sizes to me baby clothes are smaller than most adult or even childrens clothes. i hope this helps
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    reddit post What is the most important thing you have forgotten? Discussion LShare 1 BEST COMMENTS mydadsnameisharold 23h How the fuck should I know? I can't remember Reply 2
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    clear folder labelled EVACUATION PLAN with small post it note inside saying run
  • 10
    wall with white graffiti saying i found a can of spray paint
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    twitter post If you give a student a grant, she can pay for college for a semester. But if you give her a loan, she can pay for college for the rest of her life. 9:39 AM 2019-05-14 Twitter Web App
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    reddit post Deaf people of Reddit, what are some unusual difficulties you face? Discussion Share Vote 3 Award BEST COMMENTS Gusveij 4m hearing Reply Vote abhijeet_bohra 2m uh, well, yeah, true t Vote
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    Text - True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 1000000 Generate Result: 69420 TShare 80 7 BEST COMMENTS hatethissimulation 5h Damn that's like a 1 in a million chance Reply 17
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    reddit post If you were in Walmart and everything became free for 10 minutes, what would you get? Discussion t 1.6k 1.2k Share BEST COMMENTS Trampled to death, probably t 6.4k Reply Most realistic answer. 698
  • 15
    picture of winnie the pooh sitting on a chair and dressed in a tuxedo COMING OUT TO YOUR PARENTS WHEN YOU'RE A SINGLE CHILD I'm gay The family bloodline ends with me (CF
  • 16
    kids writing on paper Things my teacher(s) can do better. Nak we calletive Qunsmnt asiE is gair inkina H 4 Convetians war crime
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    picture of computer generated pink sperms I was today years old when I learned that ejaculation comes out at 27mph, making it illegal in a school zone TocayYearsOld Today Years Old @todayyearsoldig There's other reasons it's not allowed in school zones, but sure
  • 18
    picture of paper clips on folder And I thought it was a great idea to buy 5000 'bone shape' paper clips for our veterinary clinic... worst idea ever. 135 Share BEST COMMENTS OneTrueHer0 8h still bone shaped. wrong bone t10 Reply
  • 19
    twitter post I wish medusa would stop objectifying people. RETWEETS LIKES 301 624 2:10 PM-28 Jun 2016 comicberks: Goddamn it.
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    reddit post People say circumcision doesn't hurt, but i have to disagree. Wholesome I was circumcised when I was born and I couldn't walk for nearly a year. So check your facts.
  • 21
    woman being interviewed with microphone Have you ever seen a Homo Sapiens? Yeah, i saw one once at the z0o be
  • 22
    twitter post If u drink the blue liquid from a Magic 8-Ball u can see the future trust me my friend Keith did once & said he was gonna die & then he did 12:05 PM-15 SeD 15
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    spider in dewy spider web Did you know? Spiders are the only web developers in the world that enjoy finding bugs
  • 24
    reddit post How far have you gone with a guy? Anonymous perks-of-being-chinese: i went to canada with my dad once 153,311 notes
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    reddit post What's something that can't be explained, it must be experienced? Discussion Share 1.7k 1.6k BEST COMMENTS DirtySkidders S5h I'm struggling to find the words to tell you to be honest. t3.1k Reply
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    picture of underwater graveyard underwater graveyard where is this ? Underwater. Thanks
  • 27
    kids standing outside car in rain The no smoking with kids in the car law is ridiculous. Just look at them standing out there in the rain.


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